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Sheer Blouse and My Risqué Wife At A Restaurant

My wife will occasionally indulge me by being daring and Risque. For example, at a restaurant I suggested that she'd look better without her black bra being visible under her blouse. She said that she couldn't go bra-less under a top that was completely transparent. A few minutes later, however, she hesitantly exited the ladies' room looking a little embarrassed. She was clutching her purse to her breasts and when she lowered it was obvious she had shed her bra.
Karen looked great. Her breasts were completely visible through her shear blouse! As she made her way to our table several guys checked her out. Seeing my wife on display like that in a formal restaurant was a super turn-on. It was almost as if she was topless in public and as we were eating I could clearly see her nipples. They looked erect and aroused.
On the way home she had to make a quick stop at her friend's house. I was surprised when Karen left the car without putting anything over her blouse. Once inside Sharon's husband came over to say hi and quickly decided to stick around and chat. He used the opportunity to give Karen a good looking over - not that I could blame him but I was uneasy with him there. So there we were chatting with my wife's nipples in plain view. In the restaurant it was strangers viewing her but now it was Sharon's husband staring at Karen's **** from just a few feet away. I felt that being seen by neighbors we know was more risque than all the people who saw her at the restaurant. Actually I would not have suggested letting friends see her exposed like that but occasionally she's more daring than I'd suggest.
The two of them must have wondered if Karen was exposed like that in the restaurant and it wasn't long before the subject reached the obvious. Suddenly Karen was telling Sharon how she would sometimes indulge me by dressing indecent or trashy and how exposed she felt in the restaurant. It was almost surreal. Here we were chatting with neighbors with my wife's firm breasts and erect nipples visible. She looked so sultry and bold. It was ironic that the most risque and erotic part of the night was stopping by her friend's house.
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scalawag101 scalawag101 46-50, M 14 Responses Sep 30, 2012

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Hot story

Great story! Thanks...

I'm training my own sweet little ****. This will surely be on our future to-do list ;-)

what a hot body !

A good time had by all! I just love when that happens and it does frequently with us. Hope you have many more fun adventures!

What can any Red blood guy say about this story. I just wish I was your friend. She has a killer body and I can see why you want or need to show her off. I would love to see more of her. My email is

Absolutely love the story, and love the picture of your sexy wife - with one exception... You really have to figure out a better way of obscuring your wife's face than drawing in a black beard - that really looks bad!

Very hot story, and agree there is a big difference in exposing her hot body to strangers who you will never see again and friends / people you know whom you will see again. And she has a very hot body; her breast are perfect and must look great when she wears a sheer top, or any top.

Great episode. And she has perfect sized breasts and nipples to show off. It was probably as much or more of a turn on being there while she talked about showing off as it was having her show off her breasts.

Yes, when she was talking about showing off at the restaurant her nipples were in plain view as Sharon’s husband was ogling them from less than 2 feet away.

Super sexy wife! She looks great and I love the fun personality!

Great story! An open and uninhibited attitude like that makes her even MORE sexy, in my opinion!

Great experience! Based on the picture, if I was in that restaurant I also would have been staring at you sexy lady. I guess then I could use the excuse for my drooling as what happens when I eat instead of what happens when I'm teased by by delicious breasts.
Thank you and your wife for sharing. You're a lucky man.

She is looking really good. I liked your story.

I am proud of her to give her man a jolt.

Yes, it was quit a jolt when Karen let Sharon's husband gawk at her nipples from 2 feet away. But shes done a LOT more.