It's Fun!

I mean... does this mean electrically? That's what I do. Dangerous currents, too, though I know all about electricity, current draws, and dangerous current limits. I like 40mA DC. Hehe, 10mA is the safe limit, and I know it's dangerous for it passing across my chest, but whatever, it feels good, and I've done it for 4 years, since I was 11. Feels amazing. :D
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very kinky...

Yep. I virtually stopped doing it since I posted this, only because I don't have a safe power source.

thank goodness you recognize your limits...

I realized it after I noticed how badly the current has affected my body. My heart is a bit weaker, my hands a bit jittery, and I've undergone an entire personality change on accident. I accidentally gave myself shock therapy.

I like being restrained while getting my brain shocked also it is so adictive each time i want higher voltage and amperage

Current, you mean. Just don't go over 60mA. 65 is when fibrillation to the heart occurs. I'd tell you all sorts of safety stuff to enjoy it and be safe at the same time, but I'm too tired to type.

It actually makes me ******

Does to me too :3

I have someone shock my brain with old equiptment used to shock insane peoples brains
It makes me move involuntary and quiver i love it

:3 ya it does feel good :D

Dc other parts of body

I have before. Every inch of me has felt an electrical pulse :3

I use ac and shock my brain with that


Ah ok. AC is far more dangerous. I haven't shocked myself in a long time, partially because I don't have a proper source. Once I can find one... oh yes, I'm interested in going even higher.

I love it too! I slightly higher at 45. I do across chest and down in my groin area. It is addictive

AC or DC?