The Lingerie Department

It’s just so me! I belong here. So many pretty things. Shinny things, soft things, exciting colors! Fun things, sissy pretty, frou-frou and lace, and delicate and sometimes ruffles. This is so arousing. I want everything! This is my place!

Panties are my favorite. So many colors! Feel how soft and slippery they are. They are so cute, so sexy. The red ones are so sexy, the black ones so romantic, the pink ones so sweet, the whites so innocent! The yellow ones look like so much fun and the leopard prints are so daring! The bras. Oh, the bras are so beautiful! I love showing everyone my bras. (No matter where, or how my bedroom is, a loose bra hanging from somewhere, a bedpost, a lampshade, somewhere, is simply mandatory.) I love the lacy ones with the little bow between the cups. They are the pride of femininity. Slops are cute sometimes, but most are a little too frumpy. Foundations make me giggle. But, it’s fun to own at least one girdle and the new body shapers, the all in ones, the power slips, can be very practical. My ego tells me I don’t need any, buy my "slightly" imperfect body says I should have one … just for certain occasions. Corsets, of course, are not really foundations, they are boldness! Yes, I have to have a corset … a very pretty one! And, garter belts. Pantyhose may be practical, but nothing says she-she chic like a sexy garter belt pulling your stockings up to your thighs. The one thing I am not, is practical when it comes to lingerie. I am strictly in it for the excitement, the fun, the shameless in-your-face and from-my-soul femininity and the pure love of being myself.

In every store, at every point in my life, I’ve been drawn here. I love it here. I could stay forever and live here. This is my heaven on earth. The lingerie department! Well, I happen to be a boy as well. You can go ahead and call me a sissy. I mean, that’s what I am … and I’m certainly not unhappy with it. Quite the contrary. I love it here. I want it all. I belong here.

The cosmetic counters are fun too! Purses, jewelry, dresses and shoes !!!! But, the lingerie department is my happy-happy "me" place.

CherrySissy CherrySissy
46-50, T
Feb 26, 2010