College Girls In Short Shorts

In college, I have such appreciation and respect for girl that wear short shorts during the winter season. Such dedication, I say. These types of girls ought to be saluted for this courageous effort. haha. But in all seriousness, girls in short shorts have inspired me to experiment with photography. Being in a college town, there's certainly no shortage for female models. Once I accumulate more pics, I'll photo on her. Certainly like the purpose of the group. Keep the dream alive. :)
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3 Responses Nov 3, 2011

Glad you got inspiration from that.

I feel inspired now to go back to college.

"These types of girls ought to be saluted for this courageous effort."<br />
<br />
Trust me, I salute them. LOL!

Am looking forward to view and watch these girls in short shorts.<br />
I myself have a pair 1970s tennis short shorts of a model that is no longer made.<br />
If you like you could view my short shorts album here at Experience Project, but I'm afraid that we have to become friends before you can view them.<br />
Anyhow, I am adding you to my circle.<br />
<br />
Enjoy the warm autumn weather wearing your shorts!<br />
<br />
Friendly greetings: Joher