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Short Shorts And Mini Skirts Are A Girls Best Friend

They say that diamonds are a girls best friend but during the summer and springtime that's about to change! I love wearing these kinda clothes cuz they r comfortable and cool to wear out in public! I would love to make younger girls and other girls who can't wear short shorts jelous! I would often hear "mommy I want what she has on" or "she's the same age as me and I can't wear that?!" the mother would just yell at her child and simply give her a pair of kakhis! I also love to wear the shortest mini skirt I have(tho I only have 1 pair that's cute and short but the other 1 looks kiddy and it's a bit longer so I can't roll it up!) mini skirts are nice and flowy in the summer sun which feels great! I would often get attention and I would often get jelous faces from other girls XD other clothes I like to wear in the summer are my tube top, my 1 shoulder top, my tanks and my midriff top my summer clothes that I want this summer is a micro skirt, a multicolor tube top and more short shorts (cuz I only have 2! One being longer than the other) I also want a full midriff top, a halter, a batwing one shoulder and other cool tops! (no don't comment and say ima **** please cuz I see way worst! Trust me!)
Pie11644 Pie11644 18-21, F 7 Responses Sep 24, 2012

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You wear what you are comfortable with. Don't listen to people who pull you down.

Me too!!!

Young women with nice butts and nice legs are God's blessing to us all. Continue to be proud of your body and keep on displaying it!!

I wear bikini tops abd short shorts 24/7, its great and people love it… I love it

Thank you for sharing. I admire a girls like yourself and who like to show as much of the legs as possible. A pair of very short shorts with just a slight bit of bottom cheek showing is very cute - looking nice and leggy - perfect.

Ignore those who say about '****' etc - I hate that word and very judgemental and abusive. Just wear what you feel good and nice in and ignore idiots. My own experience of meeting a few abnoxious people like that is that they usually have a lot of issues inside that they don't want to look at.

I love wearing miniskirts too. They're so fun

Love to see a young female in short shorts, short mini and tube top real turn ons