I like when guys and girls wear short shorts. It just looks so damn sexy! Especially on sexy guys with fit, slim or muscular legs. Ah, if I had a boyfriend who enjoys wearing them that would be perfect! ^^ By short shorts I mean those which show hips. Unfortunately while living in North America you can barely see a guy wearing short shorts, except for myself, ha ha. It's more of a girly attribute of a wardrobe here.. Nevertheless I wear them whenever it's nice and warm outside ^^
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Even though I like to wear short shorts myself, I have to admit that girls look better wearing them. They have better looking legs, and booties too.

I really liked your posting here. I am a guy of 43 from Northern Scotland and I grew up wearing very short shorts. Even in adult years I would see men wearing very short shorts back in the 1980s. And when I say short I mean short! With only just enough to cover the bottom. My shorts were no more than 2 inches in-seam. I still have them. I am about 5-10 or 5-11 with very long slim white legs, and you could say they are very feminine or boyish as they have very little hair to no hair. And I have something like 38 inch long legs. My former girlfriend said once that I don't look a day over 30.

These days, as a guy I would never wear very short shorts out in public, lol! However, after the 1980s and even in the early to mid 1990s, I would wear them very short. But, now it has become out of fashion and I would get too many stares, lol!

Of course I love women and girls whom wear very short shorts, they look so awesome!. I live in Canada and it is a wonderful fashion and girls wear them regularly in the hot summer months. There are women whom have a fetish for guys whom wear very short shorts. I think that is really cool and love to meet a women like that. Very cool.

Don't let current fashion stop you from wearing short shorts. If you wear short shorts maybe others will as well. I wear them as often as I can and have not had any problems. People will notice you sometimes but rarely are they hostile, and sometimes supportive. Earlier this fall I went to take out restaurant that I was regular at that was closing for the season. I was leaving with my order and the clerk said "See you next spring. Keep wearing your shorts."

I say LET THE LOOK!!! They are jealous and envious --- that's why people are looking. Go out there and wear those short-shorts!!! Any pictures you can share???
I LOVE wearing short shorts --- especially spandex ones!!
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I love to wear short , shorts I have very good legs like to show them off!

I also prefer short,shorts I have good looking legs and like to show them off.

I agree with everything you wrote. Keep wearing short shorts and lead by example. Someone who sees you might be inspired to wear them too. I wear short shorts as often as possible but I think I am too old to be a role model.

I sometimes wear hose with my short, shorts I don't know if any body can tell but don't care!

I've seen some girls wearing short cutoffs with pantyhose. It's an interesting look. I could get use to it. I prefer to see bare legs with shorts, but if it works for them and work for you, go for it.