I Like Short Skirts On My Girlfriend And Others

My girlfriend loves to dress sexy and tease. She is fairly petite with small breasts and a great ***, so a tight shirt and short skirt is pretty standard unless it is really cold. And she takes every chance she gets to stretch or bend so her skirt rides up and exposes more of her delicious *** to any guys that might be around. Naturally I love the show, and she loves me watching her tease. Since she is not the jealous type, I also get to check out other women who dress to tease as much as I can.
jimmyangel90 jimmyangel90
3 Responses Aug 12, 2010

sounds really hot and fun!

I hope she is still your girlfriend, or even your wife. She sounds like a "keeper".

Lovely, thats my kind of woman! A girl really enjoying every benefit they have when it comes to dressing sexy and teasing other guys. And as I see her pictures I can only say she really has a hot body to show off!