Clean and Exciting

I went out of town last week to do a consulting job for a friend of mine at his university. His younger sister and her son are staying with him while she looks for work. She was divorced last year and moving in with her brother is a good way for her to start fresh. She's in her early 30s, a bit dowdy and quite chubby. Pleasant enough but no one I would think about making any moves on.

Her brother and I came back to his house Wednesday after work and her brother took his nephew then to his karate lesson leaving me home with his sister. My plan was to shower and get ready to go out that evening. I went to the guest bedroom where I was staying, got undressed and went to put a towel around me before heading to the shower. Because the sister's room is on the other end of the house, I didn't shut my door, thinking that I'd be in the room maybe 30 seconds. Well, as I walk over to my towel, there she is in the doorway wearing only a thin housecoat. She kind of averted her eyes and apologized saying she just wanted to see if I needed anything. As I said, she's not what I call attractive but I started to get very aroused. I told her that I thought I had everything and joked that she could join me so that I could ensure I got "extra clean." Before she could say anything, I went toward her, reached underneath the housecoat (sure enough, she had nothing on underneath) and we kissed.

Soon, we were in the shower and I was washing her very slowly. I got to my knees and very gently washed her butt and then started eating her from behind while the water streamed down on us. I rose, soaped both of our bodies, and entered her from behind. I suddenly had a revelation that this woman was more attractive than I gave her credit for. Her skin was so smooth and she had very large and beautiful lips. After we finished, both of us washed each other, toweled each other off and went to our rooms.

Wonderful experience.




Fogarty Fogarty
51-55, M
Feb 28, 2009