Looking At Another Guy In The Shower Room...

I've just got round to editing this experience, which I wrote in a rush after it happened to me yesterday, in the showers at the swimming pool. I was surprised by the feelings it stirred up, and I've been thinking about it a lot recently, and was very . Enjoy...


I just got back from the swimming pool, breathless and a bit shocked with myself!

First of all, I have to be honest, and admit that the main reason that I went for a swim today was so that people could look at me naked. I can't help but be aroused from the thought of being naked in front of strangers. It was my first time wearing my skimpy new pair of little speedo shorts, and I was quite nervous. As I started getting changed in my cubicle, I started becoming aroused at the thought of other people seeing me wearing such revealing "clothing"... but I had to force myself to calm down. There was no way I was going to walk into the pool with an erection with these trunks! I eventually managed to calm myself, put my stuff in a locker and got into the pool.

Once I had finished my swim, I headed into the showers. There were two other men in there- an old man, and a tall, tanned guy a few years younger than me, who was naked. Nervously, I put my towel on a peg, and stood in between the two guys. The young guy had his face to the wall, but was half-turned towards me, giving me a really good view of his tanned, naked body. He was really, really attractive and in great shape- toned and lithe with a flat stomach... he obviously looked after himself. He was Mediterranean looking, and his tan covered the whole of his skin. I couldn't help looking at his private parts, and caught my breath when I saw how much bigger and better looking he was down there than me!

He had a large, heavy looking penis- probably about twice the size of mine- and and a big pair of balls, all matching his olive skin. Like me he was uncircumcised. Unlike my penis (which is small and ugly-looking, if I'm brutally honest!), his was really attractive and impressive. It was long, thick, straight and exquisitely shaped. I feels strange for me to describe another man's penis as "beautiful"-  as I would normally consider myself to be quite "straight". Having said that I did have a couple of gay experiences when I was younger, but that was quite a while ago, and I was shocked at how I felt this time. That was just fooling around between kids. This was... different. For a start we did not know each other. We hadn't even spoken to each other, but I couldn't help but feel there was an "atmosphere" of sexual tension starting to develop between the two of us. I guess maybe I was being kind of obvious in the way that I was just openly staring at his body- mainly just staring at his privates in fact! I felt a mixture of jealousy, admiration, wonder, and overpowering lust! I was kind of in awe of him, and began to feel very aroused. My penis started to tingle and twinge.

I started feeling a little bit panicky, as I knew that when I pulled my trunks off, both guys would probably notice that I was a little bit "excited"! Deep down though, I think I wanted the young guy to see I was slightly aroused- maybe even wanted him to know he was responsible for me being that way............

I was so shocked that the situation! It felt like I was in a dream, or on drugs or something... my heart was beating fast, it felt... unreal!

Feeling horny as hell by now, I started slowly tugging down my speedos to reveal myself to the other guys. I couldn't believe I was doing this! I'm sure for most guys, taking a shower together is no big deal. However, the real, overriding reason that I had come to the pool was for this moment- giving in to my overwhelming urge to be naked in front of other people. It has to be one of my favourite feelings- being naked in front of others- completely exposed. It gives me such an intense feeling- like I'm doing something really naughty or dangerous... kind of scary, so humiliating... I love it so much! It took me a while to pull my tight little trunks off completely, but then I was completely naked. I rinsed my trunks out under the shower a few times, and started washing myself.

Luckily I managed to control myself enough that I was only slightly swollen "down there", and hopefully it wasn't *too* obvious that I had the beginnings of an erection. The older guy was soon naked too, and seemed totally at ease and oblivious. As I washed all over my body, I turned around slowly in the shower several times, to give both men a good view of my naked body. I made sure I displayed myself properly for both of the men, but mostly I stood so I was facing the younger guy. He was the one I really wanted to look at me. The most personal parts of my body, normally kept out of sight, were being put on display for anyone to see.

After a few minutes, the younger guy finished washing himself, and went over to his towel.

Not being able to control myself, I hastily finished showering, picked up my little speedos, and walked after the other guy towards our towels. I sort of reached for my towel at the same time he did, then stopped and apologised respectfully and let him take his off first. I felt really excited standing naked next to this guy, and was really shocked and surprised at how turned on I was getting!

I stood there, still naked, patiently in front of him, and he put on his towel. Then I quickly got my stuff together, and followed him into the changing area, feeling a bit breathless.

He went into one cubilcle and stood there, with the door open, and I went into one facing it.

I really wanted to dry myself with the door open and him watching (I really got the impression that he wanted me to do this, and that he was going to do the same thing by not closing his door).......

In the end, I hate to say, but I chickened out and closed my door. I was kind of kicking myself for doing it, but my sense of caution won out.

I'm glad it did, as I just wanted a little thrill rather than to have sex with another guy, but I really was blown away how much the sight of him naked turned me on. I definitely don't think of myself as gay, or even really bi, but this sort of thing definitely makes you ask yourself some questions!
Also- thinking about it later- I'm positive that he went into one of the larger changing cubicles. I can't help but think (or maybe I'm just imagining...?) that maybe he wanted me to in there with him.

I've literally just back after this whole thing happening, and am really shocked and excited! I'm definitely going back there soon again! I don't want anything to happen, but I love the air of sexual tension... the whole experience in fact!

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anything since? maybe he's written a story from his perspective on another board about this guy who seemed so interested + then chickened out

I love it too in JH and HS i was realy scared because i had and jave such a small pp but at universaty i came to realize that in a way i am verry attactive to other guys even strait guys and loved showing off my littel boy **** with all these real men around ... Such a thrill after so manny years of hiding my shame of mot being a realman !

great excitement. I love hanging out in the shower with other guys. I love to look and get looked at. I need to find a new gym now that I have moved.

I love the college gym I work out at everyday for reasons just like this!