Soooooo......over the past year, my bf has told me I have become an "attention *****"! LOL!! My boobs have gotten bigger and I have even lost a little weight (YAY GO ME!!) And when he is turned on, he loves when I show off my big ole boobies haha! I have always been somewhat conservative with my wardrobe, (ie. baggy sweaters, minimizer bras, doubling up on sports bras, etc...) but sometimes I just enjoy getting the double takes! I'm not a *****... I have been with my boyfriend 5 years, and we are planning a wedding... but sometimes I like putting on a sexy bra and top, and having some "rockin' cleavage" so he says! I am currently a 32 FF, 5'6, 130lbs and I have finally learned to love my body! Are there any other women on here that feel the same way? Not all the time, but sometimes I enjoy when men get googly eyes after checking me out! It's powerful!! Hell.. I wouldn't mind them being a little bigger! Not to the point where they are gross, but just a little bitty bit bigger... ;) I got em, so I might as well show them off! I can't lie and say they aren't nice, ya know? LOL!!
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Love to see them

I want to see them i love big boobs

ph show them off anytime

We love it when you show off your boobies too!

wholly hell only 5'6" and a set of monster amazing gorgeous FFs wholly my god yes please......
**** i wish i could see, your bf is a lucky man hope he worships them as he should

i'm one of those who would be all googly eyed,... please add me

Cleavage is irrestible, but a smart confident attitude is a turn on too busty beauty !

If you ask me, I think cleavage is a terrible thing to waste. It's nice to attract attention like that sometimes!

good to hear......add me pls

Nice **** nice that's no where near A good enough word for U'r Awesome Sexy has me Drooling Breasts Baby . They R Fucing Fantactic Baby !!

It's nice to feel good about yourself ;)

always good to take pride in your hide.