It's Peace

Being alone and enjoying the silence is the things what I just love. There is no thoughts, no worries and just me and silence itself. It makes me feel better. The loud noises, crowds are the things I avoid sometimes and I doesn't like them at all. They make my head ache. I can just watch something and listen to it. When I first "heard" it, then really there was total silence. Nothing. Really nothing. Now when I have heard it more, I have noticed that there sounds even in silence. But it makes more enjoyable. I have quite good hearing, even too good. Maybe that's why I don't like loud noises. And listening the sound of silence just is really amazing. Fortunately I can listen it when ever I want. I know how to be without thoughts. And that's why many say that I am really calm, even-tempered person. I know it's because I know how to "listen" silence. And I am really happy that I know.


Maryel Maryel
18-21, F
1 Response Oct 30, 2009