I Love It

                               I love it. I  have never really liked gold. I  get really dark in the summer and I look so much better in silver. I  like turquoise and silver both. I think most people are the opposite- they are usually crazy about gold. When those commercials come on about selling all my gold I laugh!

flourlady111 flourlady111
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9 Responses Mar 19, 2009

I never had enough gold to send off but I wont do it for sure now-thanks for the laugh!

LOL!!!!!! That's all I could do too is laugh Flour, it was so ridiculous...at least the ring didn't mean anything to me, it was a ring from an ex that had the diamond removed. I just chalked it up to experience :-)

Ha Ha Ha- I am still laughing. Thanks Pixelita!

Me too...I love silver...if I am going to wear gold it would have to be white gold... :-) You're right, it looks great against dark skin!!! By the way I tried one of those things were you send a piece of gold jewelry and they send you cold hard cash...they did...they sent me 3 whole dollars and some change for a gold ring LOL!!!! Boy did I learn my lesson LOL!!!!!!

Thanks all of you!

I would choose silver over gold any day!

And Platinum is so durable. I can do anything banding around with my wedding set and it's strong as anything!

Me too. I like the way it looks :)

A lady is not supposed to say she likes silver. A lady is supposed to say she love platinum because it is one of the most expensive precious metals. So, all together now.......<br />