I Don't Suit Gold

I wear mainly silver handmade jewellery, that are sold in local craft shops or remind me of a certain place or time

I have a few pieces of white gold and a platinium ring and the gold pieces that i have inherited from grandmothers, remain in a little box


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4 Responses Mar 20, 2009

Platinum, not silver ladies! PLATINUM! Go for the good stuff! LOL

I have always associated silver with the moon and therefore the Goddess. All things associated with the Goddess are undervalued. <br />
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Good news is that those of us who love all things associated with the Goddess can more likely afford them…DD

I agree. I have a few gold pieces, which I rarely find anything to wear with...but most of what I have is either silver, or non-metallic.

I love silver jewllery as well. I like bracelets or rings that look like antiques from the past. I think every peice of jewllery has a story behind it.