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Clarity In Still Water

Dusk approaches... the frogs engage in their evening chorus, the ibis forage at the water's edge. A crimson sun retreats behind the mountains, the wind a gentle whisper through the silhouettes of numerous mighty trees. The laughter of the kookaburra sounds the days end.

Eventually the night sky abounds and so now there is a lake of glass, a modest camp fire and myself. The perfect mirror complexion of the the water only occasionally disturbed by tailing trout. At last a moment to ponder the next.

The water reflects my image and thoughts simultaneously and effortlessly. I rest by the banks... an efficacious union between two opposing elements, the water ; in which I can emotionally immerse myself within, a cleansing agent for my soul... and the fire ; my old friend and spiritual invigorator. The motionless water in contrast to the beautiful dancer that is the flickering flame.

The full moon high in the night sky, blessing me with a perfect reflection in the still water so that I may have two, as above so below. It feels like the roof of the world where one can hear the calling of many, their unguarded moments searching for safe refuge.

The water is obliging, spanning a bridge of communication between people of the present and past. An opportunity to present my heart felt message in a bottle, whilst graciously recieving yours.

The intensity of the moon in the presence of Venus, subtle suggestion of the love and compassion I have for you... Acknowledgement that it has always been there since my first elevation from the ground.

No clouds to challenge this notion, only the clear depths of liquid born through volcanic rock, an earlier alliance between the elements aforementioned. The water softening the burning of my passion and facilitating the expansion of my virtue.

The purity of the water, a tonic... diluting the toxicity of my yearning, it has been said before by other romantics that love is like a disease which fills you with a desire to be desired, a confession of humanity.

The esoterical chemist acutely aware of the water's role as universal solvent, either dissolving or reshaping abstract and abrupt entities all in the passage of time. A kaleidoscope of thought and feeling inspired by the warmth of the fire... the water a listener with seemingly endless empathy.

Should you elect to share your feelings this night they shall be well tended by the unconditional reception of the lake, nature's ethereal crystal ball. It is with this clarity one is reminded of life's true majesty... and what is more you will not be alone this evening, for I am with you
valiant62 valiant62 36-40, M 4 Responses Jan 3, 2013

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We stand hand in hand here my darling...two flames now one.

the flickering flame brings out the dancer in us... the clarity of the water and the invigoration of the passion of fire, binding us with ethereal sovereign glue... the desire to be desired and the realisation that we are continues to fuel the dual flame furnace.

I look at the water and its stillness reflect the world perfectly
I put a finger on it and ripple appear that fade into the reflection of the universe

I look at the fire and its movement show me my dreams and hopes
But if i try to touch them right now
They will burn me whole

you cannot touch me, for now, fire tells me
Feel my heat but you cannot touch me

I wish one day water and fire can live in me..
And i can go free..
water unburned
without killing the fire.

Nature's ethereal crystal ball indeed..

I read this and, enthralled, read it again. How beautiful!