Simple Things Can Mean So Much

I like to let know people I love/ apreciate them, so I like to leave them simple little gifts to let them know how much I love ot appreaciate them. Like stick a postick on my sis apple juice in the fridge telling  saying "good morning chica" , or  put a hardcandy on my now Ex-bf  pocket. I used to left to my dad  funny sketchs of him and put them on his briefcase so when he was at work and he's searching a paper, he accidentaly found them :) . LOL when my ex bf stayed with me and i woke up before him i put on lisptick and kiss his forehead so he get my lips marked  before go to arts school. I like simple things, I like to remind my loves ones they are part of me.Simple things  can mean so much

Secretpoem Secretpoem
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2 Responses Aug 19, 2007

those simple little gestures really do mean so much. the best tokens of gratitude i've ever received are the ones you can tell have a lot of thought and meaning behind them, from someone who truly cares. especially the things that people make themselves. no purchased item could ever equal that.

That is so sweet and warm-hearted of you! Heh, I don't do things like that, e.g. leaving sweets for others, but I try the best way I know cleaning! ;P Yep, clean up all their messes and hope they notice.