Part 2 The Color Of Skin, The Other Side Of The Rainbow

The Color of Skin
Part 2# The Other side of The Rainbow
You have to remember I was just 6 years old and just recognized the color of my skin compared other. The night had passed throw dark forgetfulness.” Now getting back to playing with my friends”. It was morning I sat at the table eating breakfast, my aunt who like to cook "the hole 9 yards as she seem to enjoy saying", Samuel don’t talk with your mouth full, don’t put your elbows on the table wile eating, put your napkin in our lap thing. This was New York. We lived in a five-story redbrick building on the fifth floor I knew some of everyone who lived in the building. When I came home from school, there was everyone woman, men and children talking and walking excitement filled the air. I recall this woman how screamed at me for claiming high on a fence where I got stuck on ones and needed help getting down. Mrs. Jones was the lookout person, she looked out for everyone like a mother and her children, by the way, they were older than I was, they act like my big brother and sister they lived on the third floor Mr. Mrs. Barton was like my new parents. Mr. Barton was the only man I know that could hit a ball out of sight and get away with that story in front the other kids. He likes to smile. Their kid’s Robert, Tommy and Leisa was my sleep over friends, playing together was our game; they lived on the fourth floor. The world was happy in long Inland New York, in the beginning of the 60’s. Happy, people was everywhere I could see lots of interaction. My uncle would buy all my friends an ice cream as did others moms and dads did at times.
I walked down the step to Robert door and knocked, it seem they took a long time to open the door. Then the door cracked open and Mrs. Barton head peeped around the door. I was about to go in when I notices. Robert was trying to get around her legs. She was pushing him back as if he was on punishment or something. Mom “let me talk to him” No honey” she said, you cannot, then she looked at me, she seem to be lost for words, sad and disappointed standing in a haft open door. That when suddenly Robert and Tommy push their ways pass her legs and the door open up some more.”Samuel we cannot play with you” came out Robert mouth. He looked strong but dispointed as they all looked sad as if hiding something in a game. I could not guess what. The moments seem to last and last in silence, I stud there looking at them and they were looking at me. That was the first time their skin color made the moment different to me. Robert then spoke,’ we cannot play with you, my mom and dad said that, he looked up at his mother, we can never play with you again, he trun to walk back in side the door pass his mother,"you run from the police. "They side we are going to move away", his mother pulled him behind her as she looked down at me slowly closing the door, her eyes sadness, our eyes seem to speck, what if’ and what was it really. I had never seen them all so sad befor.That was the day the park was empty and I sat alone on the binch looking around the streets. No one spoke to each other in passing, talking to other’s had stop dead in its tracks.
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