Oh How 'awful'! ;-)

Been peeing my diaper for few hours now and filled it with poop couple of hours back too, trouble is that three pee's ago it overflowed and now my shorts and sofa cushion are wet, what is a boy to do... all that squishy poop mushing about between my legs and on my balls, every time I move in the chair pee dribbles out of my diaper carressing my thighs and stomach as it goes, and there is plenty on tv so I have to just sit here in it and keep adding to it...
Absolutely terrible! ;-)
wetnsquishy wetnsquishy
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3 Responses Jul 14, 2010

Dont get to do this stuff nowadays... miss it!

I know what you mean I do it every time I ride my bike dont like to use rest room so I just go in what ever I may be wearing at the time.

Sounds like me just love the pee and pooped jeans and diaper and just don't want to change because it feels so good