Poopy On A Bus

YesterdayMum had to go to Cambridge and took me with her, she had aranged a trip for me and put me on a bus & put a nappy on me as usual as I know i'll wet during the day. I also took 2 spare nappies with me just in case I need them but normally I would survive with just the one but no sooner had I got on the bus & settled in my seat i felt the need to poo rearly bad, I couldn't hold my self  & had to go there & then.
I had no choice, this realy was an unexspected accident & I had to relieve myself  in my nappy.
After making the disision to poop I just  pushed a very little & was soon starting to fill my nappy right there on the bus.
I was still sitting down normally as I didn't want to attract attention but was very excited & was enjoying every moment of it as I started to fill my nappy with what was a very soft, warm poop.
I knew it was doing wrong as there were plenty of other people there & it would smell & I might even mess up the seat I was sitting on but I realy couldn't stop now & continued to fill my nappy bad.
I think I had a tummy upset as it was very soft  & so easy to push out , but  as I was only wearing shorts over the top of my  nappy I was worried it would leak bad & then I would realy be in trouble.
It was lovley to feel it & well worth the risk,  it spread out nicely in my nappy, it realy was filling every little space, I could even feel it coming up the front as I felt the need to push hard & did as I was told.
Finnialy I was finnish pooping but  had to wee to finnish off compleatly relieaving my self , so I let it go as I was already in a very bad state.
Thankfully when I checked it wasn't too bad but the others must have smelt me & I made sure that I was the last one to leave the bus & checked the seat before I left but all was well thankfully.
I was met by a lady with the eeictric buggy mum had ordered for me and i told her what had hapened, she said it was OK and she would take me back acrossed the road to the disabilty centre and they had a disabled changin room. She took me in and to my suprise there was a adult changing table in there and she helped me up onto it and  cleaned me up nicley & even renappy me, then she told me how to operate the buggy and I continue onwith my day out.
Thankfully I didn't poo again & I wouldn't reconmend you to do it on a bus as it could have turned out real bad but thankfully I got away with it this time.
um uses Tena, small full rap around nappieson me & they fit me well & are tight around the legs, also they don't show under my shorts asmum hates any one seeing my nappy so she has made me things like a onesie so they fasten up at the crotch and don't let my top pull out of my shorts and that stops my nappy from showing.
They are a very good nappy for me & will take 3 normal sized wees without leaking which is good as I can go all day & only use 4 nappies.
I love to wear shorts and get my legs out as soon as the weather will allow. as I am a sun worshiper.

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Hey Dean .. you're right, there is something exciting about the risk element.. I especially enjoyed this story coz when I was a kid I lived in Ely ( I was a choirboy at Ely Cathedral ) and later on I was at da university in Cambridge. Hey if I was there now I could meet you. Well, maybe not if your Mum says you mustn't talk to strangers.. I love the bus ride to Cambridge across the big flat fens, through Streatham and Waterbeach, with the big distant horizons and big skies. When I lived there, they were double decker buses, and I liked sitting upstairs. Are they still ? It would be lovely to poo my pants, on the top floor of the bus, looking out over the flat landscape. James.

Hi Napman,<br />
pleased u liked my true storry as mum lets me go off on my own on the busses.<br />
This day mum took me with her 2 Ely as she had a meetin & put me on a but to Camebridge where i got a mobility scooter out & went around the big schools there, it was real good but i had 2 b back by 4 pm as she was going home, but i did a poo on the bus on the way but the lady let me use the disabled toilets to clean myself up so i could go off 4 the rest of the afternoon not smelly.<br />
She even asked 2 help me but i sed no as mum sed i musn't let strangers come near me so i did as mum sed.<br />
bye 4 now, DD.

Nice story. I would recommend pooping a nappy while out. It's fun and I like the risk. I have done this quite a few times. I should do it more often. I love the feeling of my poopie coming out and going into my nappy. I love to feel it go up the front of the nappy to cover my privates. And I like staying in my poopie nappy for as long as I can.<br />
I use Tena some times when I can afford them but I use the super or maxi large. Most times I use Depends and they suck since they changed the outer cover to the soft material feel. They stretch then fall off. Plus the outer rips easy and the gel goes all over the floor or in my pants!!<br />
you wouldn't worship the sun where I live. You would get skin cancer real quick!!