Black Men Insult Slim Women

I have only dated white men for the past few years due to the degrading insults that I get from the black men and women! Many black men prefer an overweight women and claim that their "thick". They seem to be able to ignore the too tight fitting clothes, and many other inactive habits that promotes Fat.  White men are more likely to actually get to know you and not just gawk and crave a big butt walking by, which is bumpy when they undress..Yuck...Black men can have that all they want. White men appreciate a fit and healthy woman..

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I'm a slim black woman from south africa and yes i do get insulted all the times for being slim and some even call me sickā€¦but i'm pround because i look sex when naked


I understand what you mean. Because I'm a Black man people assume I like fat women. And I get slack because I don't. I purposely look for slim and skinny Black women and it's so hard to find. I bet you're a knock out sweetie.

I have encountered this, too. It's really insulting. I don't go around insulting people's body types. I don't see why these guys think it's ok to do it. And if I commented on a black woman's butt and made it a race issue, all H would break loose. It's racist either way, and it's just plain rude.

I also can relate. I am also a slim Black American woman and I have overheard women in salons talk about how they need to gain weight, things they can do to get a bigger butt, how black women have curves and look more beautiful as compared to white women. I've also had people tell me I should gain weight and had black men praise me once I gained weight because of my "thick" figure. Later, I lost the weight because I implemented a regular exercise routine so I can simply be healthier and live longer and prefer to continue on this path despite loosing "my curves" because I am healthier. As a college graduate, I am aware of the staggering statistics of blacks living sedentary lifestyles and leading in diabetes, high blood pressure, and other cardiovascular diseases and I find it to be sad. Most disappointing, though, are the black women who gain weight to be a sex symbol. I feel black men should put down the remotes, stop filling their heads with images from music videos and start loving women for what's inside of their brains not for the size of their butt.

Well said! Amen!

well..said SlimLady...I am also slim...ex ballerina...crossfit addict..yogo practicing slim black female. I was never looked down upon for being slim..i guess because i never worried about looking the opposite..and always lived in a ballet/dance world where slim was praised no matter what color...we moved better and faster with grace...and could wear tank tops and legging with ease. not to say that slim women cannot be unhealthy but functional fitness was always important to me and always will doesn't matter TO ME that a black guy doesn't like my slim muscular thighs and my toned itty bitty looks better in a bathing suit and skinny jeans...not to mention a healthier life...clean bill of health for a few decades...i'd rather be free of diabetes, heart disease..etc..etc any day than to be praised for cellulite booty crevices and a jiggly tummy .....I have a big brain and i'm quite successful , not to mention sweet as pie with an open minded personality ...i have it me or leave me.

I honestly wouldnt call this ignorance on her part. I would agree with her due to the fact of it depends on where you live or where your from. Ive grown up around areas in IL that promote what shes saying. However I will agree with some of you that it doesnt make a difference ba<x>sed on ethnicity. But I think its more of the areas that you live in.

Well said but to the women who are naturally skinny. It hard trying to get a guy when most prefer thick women. I'm just saying. :(

In the defense of the original posters comment, NO she is NOT ignorant and YES for the most part this is TRUE. I too am a slim black female and I get slack from black men ALL the time because they want "THICK" women. It seems to me that the black community has made it OK to be big and told the chubby women to embrace thier weight and feel good about it instead of trying to get it off and be healthy. When im in the gym, I can literally count on one hand the amount of black women I see in there at times and its because black society does not put priority on being FIT. they call it Skinny or aneorexic if you are not "THICK" as a woman. So no, the orinal poster is NOT ignorant or delirious..she is telling the damn truth because Ive experienced the exact same crap. These so called "Thick" black women need to get off the collard greens and fried chicken and get on a treadmill. And the black men need to get thier heads out of video vixen mode. Being 5, 6 and 180 pounds as a woman is not "FINE" or "Thick"...its FAT and unhealthy. I prefer my slimness ANYDAY over being fat and if SOME black men dont appreciate a HEALTHY, slim, fit woman, then its thier loss. that is all.

Yes Girl!

It is an American thing. Race is very important here compared to the UK it seems. People expect to be able to determine race by accent, which seems odd to me (as a Brit in the US). THey have race instead of class.<br />
<br />
There is a strange thing here too for suggesting it is a male duty to prefer chubby. I prefer slim, I do not claim I am right to do so, but I clearly do. Curvy is Marilyn Monroe, she would be considered slim nowadays.

******* are stupid.

You're stupid. Get a life you ignorant asswipe.

a very stupid story and a very stupid person that wrote it, that's all I've got say.

Why? I've seen this, too. Just because it isn't your experience doesn't invalidate someone else's. I would look in the mirror for stupid.

This network is about "life experiences".. Trash is your name? Yes, and need I say more.

Yeah, I've had most African American men tell me I was too skinny for them. Some have straight up laughed at me or made fun of me for being slim. Only a few have told me that I have a nice figure. Thing is, I'm not even too skinny. That's why I love Europe. People appreciate skinny women here.

That must be an American thing cos here in the UK us Black guys like our women slim, fit and healthy. So SlimLady you really fit the bill.

hmm, it's funny how everyone's experiences are different. i've found black men to discriminate against women who are thick or bigger even if they wouldn't win any prizes themselves in the body department.

this is so streotypical is unbelievable!!!!!<br />
How could you write something so ignorant everyone has there own type its not about being black or white

In my experiences, it has very specifically been insults by black men, and a few black women, about my "skinny white a**." So yeah, they did make it about being white. Kind of racist, wouldn't you agree?

You are beyond off kilter, @LuVoFaLiFeTiMe. The majority of Black men do in fact like fat women. You mean to tell me constant interaction with Blacks because we're Black means we don't know what a majority of our race thinks? Jenn89098 is right truth hurts doesn't it? I can bet you are overweight and claim to be thick. Lol