I Like Sleeping In Nighties.

My mother always wamted a girl, from a baby untill I was 5 mother used to dress me as a girl. and at 8 years  old (1947) we had a neighbour whos husband used to be away a lot, my mum sent me to sleep in the Neighbours house one night when her Husband was away. So I go round with my PJ's to sleep the night. when it was time for bed I got into my PJ's and and she (Dawn) said, those things are rough to wear and Dawn dissappeared and came back with one of her Blue nylon slips and told me to put it on it was a little big for me but it did feel so soft and comfortable that I actually liked.it.A few weeks later Dawn had bought me two girl size nylon nighties that were my size. I was hooked. And so for the next two years when her Husband was away I found myself at her house. and so to this day I like wearing silk, nylon, satin nighties, slips and knickers. as well as skirts and dresses.
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so lovely girly teenage

I love sleeping in my nightgowns and nighties too. I just need a man to take them off of me.

I love wearing nighties of all kinds, in fact my wife and I wear nighties that match or contrast. I am hooked on them also.

I have 2 night gowns both of which have a 192" sweep, what a feeling, all that nylon all over me, I'm in nylon heaven. the only 2 items I have left when my ex wife took my entire collection.

Well Im sure you feel great, and it is great, so keep it up....

Thank you Gra135, I, at present am wearing a pale blue nylon nighty under a mint green nylon house coat and a pair of Off Black tights (pantyhose)
have a joyous Christmas

i'm sitting here in my pink babbydoll nities and love it. i sleep in it or one of my other when i can

lol i am sitting here also in my nightie :D

watching tv with the laptop on my lap actual on the nightgown

Thank you all for commenting on my story, I am glad to know that i am not alone so keep up the wearing of Nighties and slips. A happy nighty night to you all and sleep well.

Just like you I like to wear nighties in bed. To be precise: I haven´t slept in a pyjama for more than five years now. A nightie is so comfortable and you feel like wearing a dress ...<br />
<br />

My mom kept me dressed as a girl until I started school. It's amazing how many others I've come across here on EP with that same experience.

I have just come in from the yard picking Avocado Pears, I am wearing my nighties of nylon with a nice cool breeze blowing., what a nice feeling of the nylon beeing blown by the wind on ones body.

Thank you Fegenia Iam wearing a green nylon nighy with a maxi red nylon one over the top.

I am off to bed very soon wearing a full length silk nightdress with big silk knickers underneath it, and so is my Wife, the best way to sleep once you have felt each other and done a lot of things for about an hour, but after that you really sleep well.

I Love to wear nighties to bed every night My wife has no problam with this.So I buy them when ever I see one I like. There not as nice these days as the ones you could buy in the sixtees. Would have loved an Aunt or so to have made me to have dressed up for here.

Totally agree about the 60's nighties. My wife at the time used to share hers with me and they were much nicer than what is available today. Loved the ones with a chiffon overlay.

I agree, I have been wearing full length silk nighties to bed for years.

Cdsubalice. You lucky person having an Aunt like that and allowing you wear her Slips infront of her.

I only got the opportunity to wear skirts about 12 years ago.

isn't it great to wear dresses. and to get to wear them as a young boy. I think all boys should be made to wear dresses and adjust them to skirts as they grow older.