Can Only Wear Them Whn I Am Alone

I have been wearing silk nities off and on for about ten years. I started wearing them just before my wife passed away as a joke. My wife sugested that I should wear one on Valetines day. I did and she laughed and said don't like it. I was hooked but did not wear them until after she passed away about six months latter. She did not mind my wearing panties and I believe if I had pressed it a little she would have let me wear the nities. I do not get to wear them very much now because I have a grand son liveing with me. I am getting larger as I age so it is harder to find the kind I like that will fit me. I like to go shopping for nities and panties and see the looks on the ladies at the fitting room when I ask to try them on. I LOVE MY PANTIES AND NITIES.
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5 Responses Feb 20, 2011 has a nice selection of larger size nighties for us. My preference is for nylon gowns!

I wear a nightie, a silky full length one, every night to bed, a wonderful feeling.

I wear a full length SILK NIGHTDRESS every night to bed, my Wife wears very similar styles and she has no problems with this.<br />
A great feeling next to the skin.

I wear silky nighties every night, and most of the time my wife does too. It's a wonderful feeling, and nice to share too. It took us a while to get there but now we both love it. Our daughter is still at home, but mercifully either stays in bed all morning or goes to work very early! That means I can get up, go dowstairs, do some chores, have breakfast and generally anjoy an hour or so about the house in just a pretty silky nightie. If she did see me, by now I would just treat it as matter of fact, like "didn't you realise? I've been wearing these for years". I can't imagine it's escaped her attention that there have never ever been any "dad's underpants" on the washing line ond only rather a lot or pretty bits of lingerie in a larger size, and items neither she nor my wife wear! I've lost my fear of being seen, and to be honest the younger they get used to a slight oddity the better, because then it isn't creepy, just the way things are. My daughter once gathered that I wore my wife's panties "to feel closer to her" and that it was sweet.

Young man, don't worry about your Grand son being with you, Just tell him you like sleeping in nighties. I have a grand Daughter whom I told and she accepted it and wondered why her Mum did not by her some nice nighty's like grand pa's. Children have a very good understanding, in most cases more so than an adult.<br />
She likes to see me in a nighty at night. when she comes to stay.<br />
I wear panties knicker and Bloomers what ever you like to call them, every day but at night I sleep in nighty or and a slip and its great to do so.<br />
Keep up the good work of wearing what you want.