Disco Nighties. Cameron and Charlotte both liked the nightie that I was wearing. It was a rather fetching black over midnight blue double layer nylon 1960s affair with frills and lace that adorned the ruffles falling down the front. As coffee was made for breakfast and my favourite chillout music started, it set the scene for the day. It was raining and windy outside. The storm front had set in for the day. Saturday came and went so quickly. I stayed in my nightie all day and so did Cameron and Charlotte, although Charlotte chose an unseasonal skimpy baby doll nightie and tights. Huddled closely together on my cramped two seater sofa with blankets draped over us, we survived with intelligent debates and a diet of chocolate and popcorn for most of the day.

Our quest for the day was to buy some cheap vintage nighties online for a sleepover disco party at Kates in two weeks time. Our trouble in the past has been to find ones that were roomy enough for us so that they do not cling to us as we danced. True to form, Charlotte chose a hot red mini nightie festooned in glitter with a translucent bra style strappy bodice. The sparkles very much matched her personality. However the outfit will look a little weird because Charlotte will probably still need her crutches on the dance floor following a second hip operation for arthritis. Cameron decided upon a long white nylon nightie. It will be more bridal than glam rock, I think. In particular there is nothing at all virginal or angelic about Cameron. Those days went many many years ago. Perhaps the trip down memory lane may help with the invading mild amnesia and dementia in recent years. For me, I was disappointed by the vintage nightie choices online. I have decided to wear my glamorous coffee on cream waltz length nightie with chocolate lace trim. It has a matching negligee and is quite warm. I hope that no one will notice my skin tone surgical corset that I need because of back trouble after an accident many years ago. I guess I will just sway form side to side during the disco and avoid trying to dance like a disco queen.

Time passed by ....

It has been a few days since Cameron, Charlotte and I went to Kates sleepover disco party set in the 1970s. I had the embarrassment of being hospitalised for a night after a fall. I am not sure what was worse – the pain from the damage to my back as I tripped on my flowing nightie and fell backwards down the stairs or the ambulance ride in my nightie and the subsequent confused looks that I received at the hospital. The doctor has advised me to be more careful in my nightie.... lift the hem when you go upstairs, keep your knees covered at all times etc.

I missed the sleepover after the disco that I was so much looking forward to. Up until when I fell, the 70s disco party was in full swing. I have never seen so many lithesome good looking people prancing around in their nighties to Elton John, Ziggy Stardust and The Bee Gees. The colours were nightieliscious. I particularly like the neon coloured baby doll nighties that dazzled. Being translucent the nylon fabrics tended to show the presence or lack of panties and other underwear under most nighties. I have to say that boxer shorts and bloomers looked quite ridiculous under a nightie, but I can understand why particular shaped and endowed persons may have worn them. I hope that no one publishes the photos of the crowd of oldies behaving badly and madly.

When it came to reflecting upon the disco and sleepover in nighties, I hoped to rely upon heresay from Cameron and Charlotte whom I hoped had observed everything in some detail. Cameron could not recall very much because of amnesia and dementia. Charlotte did not really help because she had to leave the party before the sleepover. Dancing on crutches after a recent hip operation in her baby doll nightie made her ache too much. All she wanted to do was go home to her own bed and a strong dose of paracetamol.

Time passed by...

A few days later I went over to Kates to apologise for falling down her stairs and interrupting the party. “The party was fantastic but how was the sleepover ?” I asked. “It had its ups and downs.” Kate replied. “ There were tears and laughter. My nightie was torn and I have never laughed so much for a long time. Sam looked so silly when the carefully chosen off-the-shoulder nightie elastic broke and fell to the floor. It was so hysterically funny seeing a drunken Sam dancing around totally unaware of the indecency on the dance floor. The sleepover was a non event. I think that most attendees wanted the comfort of their own beds and not makeshift beds on the floor. It’s an age thing. They were probably worried about getting up in their nighties several times during the night to go to the toilet or disturbing others with their snoring.”
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look like U all had a pretty good time except for the fall in your nightie,just take care next time don;t get so carried away eh.....