I Love It :p

It feels so nice after a long day to just drop my clothes and hop in bed with my gf and cuddle up real close to her and go to sleep. Its fun since she sleeps naked too which often times leads to a wee bit of "fun" XD. Even when I'm alone I enjoy it. The feeling of my bare skin rubbing up against the cooler surface of my sheets is just so refreshing and even turns me on at times ^^.

There are a couple problems I have with it though 1 being I still live at home but mom never bothers us and I'm sure she wouldn't be surprised even if she did walk in and 2 My little sis will sometimes get scared in the middle of the night and come to sleep in my bed and she comes in and gets even more scared then before XD.
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2 Responses Jul 28, 2010

i enjoy sleeping naked too, although i do not do it as often anymore. i do sleep in underwear at the most.

Sleeping nude is totally natural. Enjoy!