I Did Last Night.

I never really slept naked before but tried it last night. I loved it!!
It was such a nice feeling being so free and was a pleasant surprise for me when I woke up this morning.
I think I'll start making this a habit.
Dyjr Dyjr
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Guess what, my wife is away! hehe

Hehe..so I am guessing that means you are naked most of the time you are home then huh??

There has been a bit of that. ;)

So do you still sleep naked?? ;)

Not with my wife around. I do any other chance I get though.

I love it..the best way to sleep!

Too bad my wife doesn't think so. She thinks it's strange. :(

She would love it if she ever tried it!

She gets so uptight over these things. I don't think she'd ever try it. She doesn't even like me sleeping shirtless. I do it anyways though.

Wow..I am sorry!

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It is a natural feeling....

rock on baby!!!

Those were the days!
Best week ever!!!;)

Same here! Clothes feel so restricting when you're sleeping. When I'm awake? Fine. Sleeping? No.