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Myself, my fife and another couple were on vacation together so we decided to share rooms at a hotel. There were two double beds so there would be no problem. The out her couple slept in pajamas, but my wife asked them if there would be a problem if we slept in the nude. Of course they said no problem. While they were in the bathroom getting changed, my wife and I got into bed naked. When they came out we were already under the covers. We said our good nights and the other husband fell quickly asleep. His wife and I were on the inside of the beds near each other when I had this burning desire for her to see me naked. She was lying on her side facing me with her eyes open. I made like I was asleep and slowly worked my left leg out from under the sheet like I was restless. Eventually I maneuvered the sheet so that my entire left side was exposed to her. When I rolled over I did it in such a way that my entire butt and side were exposed. I knew she was watching intently as I turned over again onto my back. Now I was completely naked and exposed to our friend.

The next morning we were awake at about the same time and I suggested that she get up first and use the bathroom with her husband. She told me it didn't matter who got up first since she had watched me sleep nude most of the night. I smiled and got out of bed naked and walked to the bathroom. The following night our friends decided to sleep naked too.
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I am a young bloke with some 69 years of experience and, for good or ill, am currently without a soul mate.
That's kinda Ok I guess because I don't mind my own company.
I currently write a couple of websites and two blogs of a gentle, family oriented nature, one quite political and have just launched the skeleton of my forth.
I find that the quickest way to bring myself down is by walking that financial tightrope and the quickest way to bring myself up is the beauty of the natural, naked female form.
What better way of getting it all together, then, than to make some extra money doing what I love about what I love.
The blog is called 'The Masked Ball' and invites very ordinary females to do rather extraordinary things like showing the world their bodies either in a private setting or full on public.
The only rules are that the female be a consenting adult, there be no serious ***********, that a short piece on the shoot and the females feelings before, during and after the event and that the female wear a mask (Thus, the Masked Ball.'
For the protection of participants, after responding once to any emails, they will be deleted.
Dare to read, dare to enjoy'
The blog promotes simply gentle, beautiful erotica. The naked female body is, to me, much like a gift from above hand delivered by God. To dare show it off publicly is the ultimate truth so, while you are feeling in the mood, why not join us in our little game of Truth and Dare? Dare to bare, dare to be honest, Dare to grow, Dare to live. Dare to send us your photos.
This blog does include adult material but if that's OK you can find it at
Take care, Me

You can find it, by the way at maskedwombat dot blogspot dot com dot au

Awesome!!! i love it! :o)

Enjoyed reading that short little story,It made me become aroused at the story,because it was almost exactly like i made a pretend act of doing at a friends aunt and uncles cottage we all stayed at for 10 days,however ,i couldn't help but tease and make it deliberate as i could to excite and see if i was able to get her uncle to watch me change clothes or go the bathroom maybe??,Um mm it worked because i discovered her horny and yes very excited now uncle spying at me ,as i pretended to not be aware i didn't shut the bathroom door all the way,(my favorite)It made me become so turned on and excited hearing him become closer to the doorway to get a closer view of me and my pretend act of undressing and even making a deliberate effort to act as if my panty's were somehow overlooked and left on the floor after i rubbed the crotch area up and down my arched up and out *** and ******* and all over my flavored scented ***** with my pee drippings and love juices drippings and *** crack smells all mixed in one to enhance the aroma flavor ,so he get super horny and i maybe could see him, her uncle jack himself off while he smelled them um,m P.S I seen a lot more than that view, i discovered her hot uncle with the 17yr old boy next to her uncle and aunts cottage,we both even let that horny guy next to us watch us change an i let him see me go **** too,as with her uncle, he loved it and started to jack off while i played with myself ,an i got so hot hearing his **** being slowly stroked until he started o breath a lot faster and i heard him start to come all over the panty s i knew he was sniffing of mine,um luv to see that sorry i was myself flooding my panties as i was typing this ,MSG ,if ya wanna play or exchange pictures and story's soon,

You were right in demonstrating the pleasure of being naked in bed, it's really convincing for anyone who experiences it!