Yes I Do

For the last month I have been cheating on my girlfriend...WITH MY BED!!! :) Every night, I get naked, and get right inside her. She keeps me so warm. She lays so softly over all my skin. I cuddle her and pull her all around me. I love the way she hugs me so gently as I have dreams that abound with delight. She is so tender with me and I never want to leave her. My naked body is hers for the taking.

But truth be told, I wish my lady friend was with me to enjoy my nakedness and my bed :) Sleeping naked is so freeing...
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You thought I was a cheater there for a second and were going to kick me out of your circle right?!?! :P haha... But now you just wish you were my duvet :-o ;) hehe... (and don't worry, that last part is irrelevant now...I don't have a lady friend)

I thought you were going to say something along the lines of sharing is caring :P. mean sharing my lady friend?!?! ;) I'll share her only if you two share my ©um :-o Mmm!!!

i to am cheating with my bed only mine is male wrapped around me making me feel safe and secure but not to tight as to make me feel imprisoned

Should I be jealous?! ;-)

Only if you think your body does a worse job of caressing my body than my duvet :P hehe ;)

That's for you to decide...I'm not one to compete with anything...:-O

Well okay then...this is how this is going to have to come visit me, we climb into my bed both naked. You lie next to me while I allow the full feeling and caressing of my duvet to envelope me. Then, you crawl on top of me and caress my body. Then I will decide ;) ;) ... What say you to that???...