Camp And Sleeping Naked, Good Or Bad Idea

It was on camp (tents and such things) and I told that I always sleep naked and it beging

at first night someone slipped to my tent and started playing with my pe**** I didn't even know who was that is was completely dark, he probably didn't know that he did wake me up. I didn't know what to do so I did nothing. I just hoped that he will stop and go soon. No he didn't.
Now I know what was the plan, to make me c^m so he wanted to make his hand wet. The only problem was that I didn't jiiiizzz a lot then :-/ I was just starting to squirt clear fluid but with small amounts LOL?

So he was expecting something impossible, I was trying not to squirm too much as he started to do it really fast. I actually orga$med really fast (as always after 3 minutes), but he didn't stop. He applied something slippery to my pe.... and become even faster and more furious. It became impossibly pleasurable. I orga$med few times. (when I was younger I could take many orga*ms in row without a problem) but not anymore :-/ and he didn't even noticed that squirted already, maybe because he applied something wet and slippery to my pen, and probably didn't noticed, because expected that I'll make a huge squirt. No i didn't, it actually felt gooood (better than good) but not after few orga*m, after about half hour I couldn't take it any longer, squirmed and moaned too much, that probably finally scared him away. I didn't even know who was that.

I was waiting for him next night (sleeping naked of course) he didn't come.

that was..... weird? <-- I mean that fast and furious jacking, I have never experienced anything like that, I expected that my willllly will be sore, but when I checked that next morning it was OK, just like nothing (as furious) has happened, I wondered what he applied (yea, I already know there are lube dedicated for such things)
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