I'm almost tempted to make a group called "I love Sloths". Because I do. I love sloths. Im in love with sloths. I would make love to a sloth if given the opportunity.
TheGuyNamedNicky TheGuyNamedNicky
18-21, M
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i dont think the sloth would let you violate them

They're slow as eff. It'd be easyyy..

thats so so many ways

I feel the same way (I wouldn't make love to one though) I'm the one who made this group by the way. So holla fellow sloth lover!!

What's so great about sloths? .....and you would really make love to a sloth Nicky?

Sloths are awesome hurl. I don't feel the need to explain why their great. Just look at them and then you will understand. And no i probably wouldn't make love to a sloth.

Oh ok. Hey Nicky!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You are a sloth!

What's so great about sloths???!! How could you even ask this question. Sloths are so great in everyway possible.. look at a sloth and you will have your question answered and if you don't you are lame.

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