If I Were A ......

If I were a carpenter,
Would you be my wife?
Would you be my happiness...
& love me like-wise?
In distress & in sorrow....
Walk by my side?
Make the turn of each day...
Happy & worth-while?

If I were a lonely cloud...
Would you be the sky?
Would you be my faith..
In this world full of lies?
Would you make my day..
My evenings & nights?
Make the turn of each day..
Happy & worth-while?

If I were an abandoned ship...
Would you be my sail?
Would you guide me safely...
Until I sight a way?
Through steeply corals & reefs..
High tides & gushing waves?
Take me safely through;
Those dark unexplored caves..!

If I were a withered rose...
Would you be the spring?
Would you help me blossom...
With the timely warmth you bring?
Wearily paint my petals...
With songs that you make birds sing?
A pleasure indeed for a frozen rose..
The ailing call of spring…!!

Written & drafted by - Victorhemsfa
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2 Responses Jan 16, 2013

If I were a carpenter....that was the first song my guy ever shared with me. Nicely written.

IF....if if if if???.....Yes! I would!♥