Slow It's Better

I used to think the opposite many years ago, 'cause I was not too interested in a relationship with anyone...I was fast doing many things just to be able to get to the next thing to do....Until one day, I meet a guy who loved to kiss me very slow in the neck...OH wow! how much I loved it! For me then it was a total new dimension...The strangest thing is that when we went to a club once, both felt a strong desire to finally have sex...well in our case after 1 month of dating was more like the strong desire build up with time, to actually MAKE LOVE.

And that's when I realized I love to be kissed slow practically all over my sweet body....That night however, something even more strange happened, well we were sitting by a small round table drinking Vodka and something else, the place was peaked with crazy people...and all sudden, I felt slowly an ****** was very slow, so you can just imagine how good it was...I could not even begin to explain...I was having such a hard time breathing normally that I was afraid people would

He was only holding my hand and whispering sweet things in my ear oooh wow! So from then on I knew I was a changed woman, a woman who loves to go slow and enjoy every split of a second as a volcano erupting in slow motion with passion and wonderful sex!
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I'll take some of what she's having, please. Pplleeeeeze. --DW

when bites are added to the kiss, it makes it more hot.

OMG, your story is giving me an ******. My favorite part of a woman's body is her neck. I love moving her hair back and gently kissing it. I love the scent of a woman's neck and the feel of it. I think slow kissing can be more intimate than making love, and BTW, I dont have sex with a woman, I make love with her, slowly and completely...The feel of our bodies moving together as one, the intimacy of really knowing a woman is just sex, but making love is a wonderful shared experience :)

That's because you are a REAL MAN!