When will it be my last first kiss?
That moment, as you slowly walk her to her door, the anticipation of what's to happen next. Meandering to try and make time stop, just so you can be with her for just a bit longer as you're quite aware of the stupid things you've said over the night. She takes your hand, just before the door, the coy, shy, responsive touches as she glides her hair back from her face. Her eyes shimmering in the porch light as if it were the only star in the sky, put there just for you. Both of you starring at the ground muttering what a wonderful time you had all the while she still holds on as to let go were to let her drift away into the sea to be forgotten. Inch by inch you pull yourself closer, each breath, that moment just a few more heartbeats away. Hoping she will take over and put your shaking miserable insides to rest, she closes her eyes, ever so slightly does her head twist to the left. Your heart skips a beat when move to touch her lips to yours. Gently, softly you feel her breath on your lips. The touch, warm and easy, it fits, like coming home after a long trip on the road. Longer do the minutes become as each twist and turn of your head tries to memorize the curves of her lips, for this may be the last time you see her, or you last first kiss to remember.
Dantescircle Dantescircle
41-45, M
Aug 22, 2014