Sex Is Good, But Sensual Lovemaking Is Intense!

My best friend and lover Olivier was quite gentle, tender, patient with me when we first became lovers, and he is like it even today six months almost after. He enjoys me, how I am with the things he does to me, and how I ******.

I love to ******. I have already said how they are better with a man than just with my fingertips. Olivier is good at sharing himself, his sexual ability, at providing me with sublime *******. I get many each time we ****.

Just this morning (as I write about it at home again, at almost half past three in the afternoon (15:25) here in Paris) he took me to his grandmother's house in Fontainebleau, and while she was at work and we ******.

I love her house, its so old. I followed him in and he called out (just in case) he turned around and he began undressing me! As he let my skirt drop he was excited that I wore tiny lace panties with stockings and suspenders belt. He pulled my panties down and devoured me!

There ensued a slow and sensual love making on the sofa, on the kitchen table, in the den, and then upstairs in the bedroom he always slept in when he visited her. It was exquisite!
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Skirts, old house, sublime lover- we've got interesting similarities in what turns us on :D