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I Love Slow And Sensual

But it has been so long since I've had that.
jencpa jencpa 31-35, F 10 Responses Jan 10, 2013

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ya mee tooo,,, so long and the passion and intimacy !!

it is very great but as you that dont happen

YESSSSSSS Thats veryy important!

me too !

Thinking about this today.

I love a lot of fore play before making love.Sex without foreplay is not good sex.Now me I love showing my naked body on my yahoo messager.

Me too

I would enjoy slow and sensual kissing, to start with. Lovemaking seems so far away.

i remember the days of taking our time, enjoying eachother and putting the other first. it feels like a lifetime ago. i wonder sometimes will i ever have that again or is it just a dream...

ya.....meee toooo.. do miss the intimacy and passion !!

Slow and sensual,I like that too and could use some soon.