Super Hot

I love breast of all sizes but little ******* just drive me crazy I love them so.Little ******* with long hard nipples are so sexy and such a turn on .I love it that you can fit the whole thing in your mouth and suck it ,they are so much fun to play with ,the only draw back is *** ******* is usually out of the question but it is worth the trade.I will pick a woman with small ******* over big **** any day.
brkfarmer brkfarmer
46-50, M
3 Responses Jul 31, 2010

my wifes are 34c i love em,u wana see her pics

I still love ***** sex. Large or tiny, ***** rub it in and they grow. SWEET!

Thar what I love about my wife ****, is the fact that they are so small & have big nipples that are very sensitive.