Haven't Thought Of Her In A While

The one that got away. She was not the first girl friend that i had felt up as we called it back then; heck she wasn't even really my girl friend. But she was the second I'd felt her breasts, what there was of them, and maybe that's why I'm hooked on small breasted girls. I fell for her in a big way and we finally slept together; my first. I had gone to a dance that she had invited the band for. I was smitten. Tall, nearly six feet, and lovely. I'd never dated a girl that tall, hardly ever saw any that tall in those days . Later in the night as we made out I reached into her shirt and was surprised to find that she wore no bra, she didn't need to, but may oh, my what wonderful nipples she had. They were giant, and I wanted them in my mouth--that would come, but for tonight I was dizzy with love for that girl, her small lovely breasts, and those special nipples. I think of them fondly once in a while and wonder where she is.
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I am with you. A tall girl, coltish legs and tiny breasts- perfect! I dated her once and then she became my younger brother's girlfriend for the next four years.

My brothers and I never traded girlfriends. It must have been hard seeing her around?

Well, she was really cute so that helped. The time she showed up with a half slip she had just bought (her first) that she hung on the door to her room drove me wild. I wanted to put that half slip and skirt on so badly!