I Keep Searching For The Smallest, Most Perfect Little Penis To No Avail

i am obsessed with small penises. i can't stop thinking about them. i've been looking online for the perfect example of one (photo) and can't seem to find it. the ideal little nub for me would be exactly that, a little nub, hardly protruding beyond the scope of the balls. think smaller than michelangelo's david...perfection.

my dream is just to wiggle it...endlessly for hours with my forefinger, to devour it whole with my mouth and then, finally, to ridicule it.

if i ever met a man with a penis this small, i think i would release on the spot, to be honest.

anyway, i can't wait for discussion on this topic to begin because i have much more to add, including recent experiences with my transvestite ex-boyfriend who had quite a piddling penis, though still not small enough. thanks for reading. :)
girliepooxox girliepooxox
1 Response Jan 12, 2013

It doesn't look like you're going to have that discussion here. The last day you were seen here was the day you joined several years ago. Bye-bye.