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The most sexy guy I ever knew had a small penis.. Don't like to use the word 'penis' but it's in the heading :) so just sayin to any guys who feel inferior because they're considered small... please don't .
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6 Responses Jan 21, 2013

If it weren't for small penises, there wouldn't be any big ones!

I know I have a small penis, I'm ok with it, proud of it.

This is a good introduction to a story. Now we would appreciate you telling us the complete story - explaining how you arrived at this point and how this is important for both men and women, assuming it is.

A "story' is a telling of events, whether real (news story), a report of some factual event (non-fiction), or a made up story (novel); What else would you call the telling of the background of your post, which I would appreciate reading. If you didn't want to use 'penis' then which term would you be most comfortable using, and why?

Thanks for that but I have a feeling some of us with small willies rather like being laughed at XXX Tina

I wish to meet a women who think in a same way.

I've been made to feel inferior andhad cruel remarks made, and in some ways its made me a better person, i still have little or no confidence or self esteem, but i wouldn't ever comment on anyones imperfections. None of us are perfect

From someone who has one thank you for the ego boost.