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Mysterious Man/boy With A Small ****

So here’s my story...I’ve been chatin online with this man (I wouldn’t exactly call him that tho) for about a month or so. He’s been telling me how big and thick his **** is. I’ve had my fair share of huge ***** (my last 2 boyfriends have had over 9 inches) so I couldn’t wait to get a hold of it and get his huge **** inside my wet *****, so we decided to meet at a local hotel. I decided to bring along a friend Lucy because his **** was too big for one person, I couldn’t be so selfish and keep it all to myself!!!lol Me and Lucy arrive at the hotel, he did look at bit shocked to see the two of us as he works in our local bar, anyway eager to get up to the room we headed for the lift....once inside the room we couldn’t wait to rip his clothes off. Me and Lucy began by kissing and slowly taking off each other clothes. Lucy started licking and sucking my erect nipples (which are probably bigger than all your puny *****)...looking over at Brendan I thought he’d definitely be hitting a huge *****. Inquisitive to see, I got up and went over to the bed, I started rubbing but couldn’t really feel anything, I thought I would try sucking it to get him up instead. So me and Lucy ripped down his jeans, revealing the smallest erect **** I have ever seen in my life. Looking at Lucy we couldn’t control our laughter holding up our little fingers and wiggling them at his little wee wee, he was so embarrassed his face turned red and his **** shrivel and shrink...the more this happened the harder we laughed. We didn’t come all this way for nothing, so we decided to make the most out of his pathetic excuse for a ****. Once on top I couldn’t help but scream out about how small his **** was and to **** me harder as I couldn’t feel it, on Lucy’s turn she was telling him that her nipples where bigger than his **** and she only has a 32b bust (they covered his little willy) lol. It didn’t take long (5 mins to be exact) before he blew his pathetic excuse for a load. When he went to the bathroom to clean up his tiny wiener, me and Lucy quickly got changed, grabbed all of his clothes and leaving them in reception on the way out. We couldn’t stop laughing on the way home, later that night Brendan was begging me not to tell everyone in the bar about his little wee wee, but me and Lucy told everyone!!! Now everyone wiggles there little finger when they want a drink, due to his pathetic excuse for a ****, more like a ****-**** .lol
katie1986 katie1986 22-25, F 12 Responses Nov 15, 2010

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Thanks for story.

It's always the guys that brag,isn't it?

You've got my tiny little **** throbbing.

You know, I thought that this would turn me on, being a submissive male, but it is actually a huge turn-off. <br />
<br />
I found myself sympathizing with Brendan. He had no control over his anatomy, and I see no reason to make fun of him for it. And most women I have met and conversed with say that size does not matter. Of course, that's most, not all. <br />
<br />
Ok, Brendan was bragging about his size, and then whooops - he lied! So maybe he deserved some of the humiliation, but it would be because of his deceipt, not his physical situation. <br />
<br />
Do we make fun of women with small boobs? Fat women (well, *I* dont, that's for sure), or any person with some sort of piece of anatomy that is either large, small, unusual, and the person cannot control it? Hey, he's got only one arm - ha ha. Hey, she had a breast removed because of breast cancer, isn't that just hilarious? Personally, I have a disease (Peyronie's) that caused my erect penis to curve, and it lost about an inch and a half. Still works, but it's certainly smaller than before. <br />
<br />
So, for me, this story was only sad and cruel, and not a turn-on. The only positive aspect about it is that it seems that Brendan was turned on by the "humiliation", and if he likes it, then great! Accomodate him, and it sounds like a good partnership.

katie,<br />
your story gives me and my tiny weeenie hope!<br />
please look at my pics and let me know if i'm small enough!

Your last two boyfriends have over nine inchs to work with? That's amazing. I have about three and a half maybe four to work with when i'm fully erect, is that any good for a woman? I'm only about an inch when i'm soft, could i please you?

Katie1986, i like girls who can handle themselves, your stories here turn me on.

Listen all you pathetic excuses for men...all your 'wee willy winkie's' make me laugh. There arn't many girls like me that know how to handle such small dicks. I took the advice of someone on here, and decided to give small **** brendan another chance. A group of us went out for a meal and the drink was flowing. I was a little tipsy and blurted out "don't you be drinking too much tonight you want to hit at least 4 inches" Everyone at the table was in hysterics, i reached over to give brendan a sqeeze and a wink and noticed that he was hard.....i love how the humiliation turns him on so much!!

Your story was exciting to read. I wonder if you and your friend would have laughed at my 4inch long and 1inch thick ****.

katie1986, i would love to spend some time with a pair of girls feet, your story made me horny.

All you little men can kiss my feet I would just laugh at ur wee weiners!!! LOL

Do you plan on meeting other small dicked guys or was this just an accident? because I would be definitely interested ;)