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Itsy Bitsy Teeny Weeny 2" Tiny Little Wee Wee

I love to be humiliated for being a teeny weeny lil guy. My name is Stanley and I'm a skinny effeminate, hetero, beta male. I'm 26 yo 5'2" tall, 113 pounds with a true to life baby sizer! Most girls are much taller than me, even if I were to wear high heels (not that I do). I'm sure that most women who see me and automatically assume I've got an itsy bitsy because the conversation always leads to us talking about their boyfriends (I found out a girl that I was interested in told me she had a BF but really didn't) and I know that girls immediately put me in the "girlfriend" role (I'm the little guy who is not near to being any kind of dating prospect and they talk to me about other hot guys and problems they'e having with their boyfriends ). My roomate's girlfriend (Melony..5'9 and wet dream gorgeous..she much taller and towers over me when she wears her 4" eyes are pretty much at the level of her big *******) knows I'm tiny due to the fact that Derek (my roomate..a hunky 5'11 guy) has seen me naked and commented to me about how small my wee wee is and has caught me ************ on numerous occassions.. I'm sure he's told Melony as they always teases me openly in front of eachother andl call me me lil guy, or shrimpy or lil *****, even when Melony has some of her friends over! She constantly catches me staring at her (mostly at her french manicured toes) and gets really offended. She now has grown used to subtly humiliating me by leaning down with her hands on her knees and giving me baby talk, teases me that I haven't had a date since she started dating Derek (2 years ago) and make references to my chronic ************ habits. When they're getting set to leave she's said,"make sure to use tissues Stanley" or "try not to get things too sticky" or "don't do it to gets a little smaller everytime you do" or "would you like us to pick up some baby oil for you while we're out"?. Of course I blush and get an immediate ***** (fortunately it doesn't poke a tent in my pants). It is a HUGE turn on that a totally hot babe knows that I have a tiny wee wee and is a chronic ***********..I'm in heaven...TRACY..PLEASE COMMENT..the more teasing and humiliating the better!!we
pinkydick1 pinkydick1 26-30, M 9 Responses Jul 22, 2011

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personally I wouldn't mind a guy with a tiny one, I'd feel safer around it, and it's prolly easier for giving bjs

I know about being in the "girlfriend role." One of my female coworkers and I were working late and we both needed to go to the restroom. She came into the men's room with me and said, "I just feel really comfortable with you -- you're like my girlfriend." When I whipped it out (well, 2 inches flaccid isn't really 'whipping') she stared, smirked and said, "It's such a cute little thing." She peed at the urinal next to me and said, "I probably have better range than you." Then she took me by the hand and said, "Let's get back to work, girlfriend." It was hot and embarrassing.

Have you considered becoming a woman? It sounds like you'd make a good one.

How tiny are you? I'm a button flacid but fully erect I'm 4 12" sometimes a little more. When it's completely shriveled up it pops inside and all that's visable is a tiny nut sack. But hard, I always seemed to get by with most women. Maybe you are just too tiny though....

ohhh so arousing

Yes accept that you, like me, will never be a real man. Our pace in life is to be mocked by woman and real man. Luckilt we learn to ********** early in life. Enjoy it, embrace you tiny ****.

Awwww, thats sad and weird. I hate sex, your too small, want to date? lol

Hahaha, sounds like you've got a fun little situation. Just imagine if one day, Melony or your roommate pulled down your pants in front of a ton of women! ;) Lots of laughter.

Glad to hear of someone who understands their place and accepts it gladly. Obviously, with your tiny *****, you will never be a proper man and should accept that you may never get to put your wee-wee into a woman's **** hole. Like the rest of us inadequates; you are to spend the rest of your life as a ******. <br />
Melony is being so kind to you, I'm sure she would understand if in her sexy presence, you could not help yourself from wanking openly in front of her. <br />
One day you will make a blushing bride proud to have you as her husband: her cuckold husband!