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A Humiliating Experience Where I Was Forced To ***** Naked That Now Turns Me On

I’m joining EP to share my getting turned on by fantasies of being humiliated over my having a small ****, and being forced to have it exposed and laughed at.

I had it happen to me once, and when it happened it was awful. Really. No excitement or turn on. Just honest to goodness humiliation that cut deep into me for a few months. Then I kinda forgot about it. Then I recently began to think of it again. No reason for this, it just happened to come back to me, and now I’m thinking of it a lot.

I was 25 when it happened, and I’m 33 now. I’m not married, but I do have a fiancé, and we’re getting married in 2014.

I was driving to relocate from one city to another, and it was a drive that had two overnights, going over 1,000 miles. This part of the trip was not on an interstate, but a smaller state highway, but big enough. I got a room in a motel and it was no big deal. I went across the street (the highway) to a market, and got some stuff, and while I was there, there was a very pretty girl at the register, I made a stupid joke at her, and sung in a low voice, I-B-T-C twice, like it wasn’t directed at her. I wondered whether she even picked it up. I did it ‘cause she was wearing ear buds and was listening to music, I guessed. I left and went back across and got a couple of drinks at the bar. There were no girls worth my time, so I went back to my hotel room.

Five minutes later there was a knock at the door, and I saw through the window that it was a girl, who may have been a minor. She was holding a towel. She saw me move the curtain and said clearly enough, “We wanted you to have this.” So I opened the door and in banged a big dude, and he was immediately followed by the towel girl. “Did you make fun of my girl?”

In walked the cashier and she said that I was the guy. She told me in front of the other two that she was listening to her music device that had a pause in it, and that she heard me sing the reference to her having small ******* twice. I worried I was going to get hit, so I tried to lie my way out of it. But the girl was not backing down from it. She just told me to admit it.

So I apologized a lot, and her boyfriend asked it that was enough. The girl sized me up, and even though I was almost six feet, her boyfriend was really strong and a body builder and it was obvious. He asked the girl, “Is that good enough for you?” I don’t know whether she thought of this before or whether she made it up then and there, but she said, “He made fun of me for being small, let’s see how big he is.”

None of us really understood this, until she said, “Make him *****.” Then, almost immediately after that, she said, “Naked.”
The cashier girl smiled and the guy looked at her in a laughing way. The worst, and throughout all of it she remained the worst, was the girl who pretended to bring me a towel. She was probably 3 or 4 years younger than the 20 year old cashier, and was definitely in high school. And while the others were bent on teaching me a lesson, the younger girl wanted to humiliate me, and enjoyed my humiliation. Every part of it.

The guy said I better do what I’m told or “E” would make it worst for me. (He only called her by the letter, and her name tag did have a name beginning with an E,)

E said, “*****, you jerk!” The girl locked the door. The guy told me to step away from the window and that meant going deeper into the room. There was nothing I could do: no weapon or anyway to get out of it. So I undressed. I got down to my shorts and stood there and said “Come on.” E said, “Everything. Let’s see who’s small now!”

When I took off my shorts the girls took a moment, then began to completely burst out laughing, as they pointed and made jokes about my penis, and its having no real girth, and hung down less than a couple of inches. I knew my own size, and it was embarrassing. I was never proud of it, and had no reason to be, but what they were putting me through brought it all home to me. I definitely had a small penis, and they were letting me know about it. While the guy just made me feel pathetic, the girls were super mean about it. The younger girl made a gesture with her fingers and looked me right in the eyes and said, “Total loser.” The girls began to make comments about my size, and their guessing at its measurement. They said, “The head doesn’t count, and so I don’t think he’s got two inches to his shaft,” “Don’t think you’ll ever get a girl happy.” The worst came from the younger one. “I’ve seen a few of the guys on the junior varsity team naked, and you’re way less than they are. I can’t believe it.”

There were some private jokes about this, and how the girl really knew. She just shrugged it off, “Oh, I’ve seen a few of them naked, and you’re NO WAY near their size.”

I looked down at myself and my size was pathetic, and they made me feel that way.
The younger one said, “I know my thumb is an inch and a quarter. Tell him you’ll slug him if he moves.” she said to the guy. He told me not to move, and she put her thumb near my ****, and it was obvious my shaft hung at just under her thumb length. They all laughed, and I died and they could tell. E said, “You really deserve this.”

The guy asked if she wanted to see my ID and know my name. The young one said yes, but E said no. She said she’d love to call up my girlfriend, if I had one that didn’t care that I was hung like a fifth grader.

I was told to turn around and walk to the back of the room and walk into the bathroom and close the door and wait a few minutes. When I turned, E said wait, told me to stand there as they all took in the view of me naked from thes side. E said, check out how he’s hung from the side. No manhood. Ha.

I was really humiliated by it all.

They didn’t steal anything and I didn’t try and find out anything about them. I thought of sticking around and payback, but I knew they could find out from the hotel guy anything about me. They were all locals and if I did a complaint I would be a laughing stock. So I drove out at 4 am and never looked back.

I don’t know why I all of the sudden began to think about this a lot. I put into google small penis humiliation and there were a lot of hits having to do with Experience Project.

I read some of the stories and fantasies here and I didn’t know there were so many people interested in this subject. And a lot of interests relating to SPH that really have to be the worst things to have to live through, and still a lot of people writing how they’d want to have to live through it and enjoy it.

I agree that I’d want to go through some of it. I’d want to relive what happened to me, and I’m not sure why I would want to. It was the worst moment of my life, and now it seems exciting. The way the two girls looked at me didn’t have any kindness aimed at me. Also, this part sounds kinda weird, but even though there’s no way the women could know who I was (I’m average and not famous at all), it felt like, and still feels like, they took an actual thing from me that night, and still have it. And I can’t get it back.
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This all sounds rather interesting than the threat of physical violence.

In the first place, I wouldn't have insulted the cashier. My wife has largeish boobs and in a grass is greener trend, I like small ones now, so I would have just been attracted to her.

Other than that, being forced to ***** in front of a 20 year old and a 16 year old would be great.

I think the younger girl there makes if far more interesting. Somehow, girls in 10th and 11th grade are more honest and spitefull. It seems you found a young girl who has probably thought more about SPH than most, or penis size at any rate.<br />
<br />
You're VERY lucky this didn't happen to you in your home town or in front of people who knew you. LOL<br />
<br />
You never said how you're hung, exactly. And how large is your erection?

Any actual moment of SPH from a younger female, wetstrorm?

Yeah. I don't know why it took me 7 years to begin to dwell on this and find it exciting. It was completely degrading and humiliating when it happened. Being laughed at while in the nude isn't something anyone hopes to happen to them. I wonder whether I'd want it to happen to me all over again, despite the pain to my ego. But the younger girl being there to see me also and humiliate me may be something I wouldn't want to happen. Just the couple. How would you feel about that part of it?

It was strange for me when after many years of humiliating experiences in regards to my small penis suddenly i found the recollection of them very arousing and have actively pursued SPH since I developed the fetish.