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Big Man Small D*ck

I'm 25, 6'2 and 200 lbs, big hairy masculine guy, on the street I seem confident, assertive, manly. All of htis changes when my pants are at my ankles and the truth is revealed: I have a tiny d*ck, and it looks absolutely miniscule on my big frame. I've always been into SPH but especially love getting humiliated by smaller guys who are hung way better than me. For instance, in the locker room at the gym today there was a guy who was no taller than 5'5, looked to be in his 40s, kind of nerdy looking, balding. I had noticed him in the weight room before and got a kick out of how I was lifting over twice as much as him. I was taking a shower and he came in at the same time, when I opened my eyes he was standing directly across from me, his crotch facing me. He had a gigantic grin on his face. His flaccid d*ck was at least 5-6 inches long, which looked huge on his small body, and absolutely dwarfed mine. After physical activity like a lot of guys, my d*ck shrinks, but for me it look as if it's retreating back into my body. Here I was a much, much bigger guy than him, outweighed by a lot, could easily have bested him physically, but he outmans me where it counts. The entire time in the shower he was staring openly at me, and doing everything he could to make sure I saw his much bigger c*ck. His amused gaze kept switching between my tiny ****** and my wildly blushing face. He also did everything he could to make sure that was conscious of his big fat c*ck, and how much bigger it was than mine. After my shower he followed me out and slowly toweled off and dressed directly next to me in the locker room, even though he had used a locker that was farther down. The entire time he was facing me with his big d*ck pointed straight at me and that triumphant smile still on his face. When I was sitting on a bench putting my socks and tying my shoes, he stood about three inches away from me, so that his big hairy d*ck was literally right in my face. So hot and demeaning. Reminds me of where I stand in the male pecking order.
bitchboy1984 bitchboy1984 22-25, M 12 Responses Nov 28, 2009

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Small dicks are great to suck on

Being 16 I know I have time to grow and all that but that doesn't help me know! I'm literally 2 inches flaccid and 5.5 erect. I go swimming a lot and when I am in the older group I'm the youngest there. It doesn't help that I am still a virgin with virtually no muscle, I can hold my own in the pool though, I'm good. But when it comes to the changing room its different! So far I have managed to get through as I am a good actor. The showers have stalls and most shower with trunks on as we are boarders at school so can shower back 'in house'. Most get changed in the cubicle but I bluff and use a towel to make them think I am more confident, but make sure I never drop it! I think they think that I am reasonable size, or even bigger than them. I would ove to dominate and be dominate by an older male.

As I am a good swimmer I helped out with the younger ones, 11 - 13. I command more respect there as they know I am good, can swim 2km easy (ish) and they think I have a girlfriend, and of course a much larger ****. Not to mention pubes which I doubt the majority have, I am fine in that department. In fact I got a love trail way before ppl my age, and my voice broke before most, if only I would develop in size! Naturally they are all getting curious about each other and are more open about nakedness, I think they want to compare. They regularly towel whip each other buts its while I'm in the shower as I kinda meant to keep things in order in the changing rooms. But I want to see them naked, if they have any pubes and if there dicks are bigger than mine, easily possible. I want to be art of the the whipping and innocence but how do I do it carefully so they don't think m weird and back off? There are a couple there which, if they new my real size would probably be a more dominant male than me. Imagine being humiliated by a group of kids 4 years younger than you.

Don't feel bad guys. I think I am in a much worse situation than all of you. I have been playing basketball for many years now and workout often and like all people after a workout, I too shower at the gym. The showers at my gym are a community shower, meaning that 20 to 30 people are in one large shower at the same time. It is very embarrassing and humiliating getting a shower or changing at the gym. I notice that people a shocked to see such a small penis on such a tall and large man. Is it normally to be this size after a physical exercise??? Here is my problem. Not only do I have a small penis after a workout, but I am a African American man; I stand 6'10" tall and about 260 - 270 pounds with a average - muscular body type. I want you to remember that I am not an average size man, in that I stand 6'10" tall 260 - 270 lbs, but my penis when in the flaccid state after a workout or basketball game can get as small as 0.5 to 1 inch long. A penis this size is pathetic looking on a man of my stature. I don't even think it would look good on an average size man of 5'6" to 6'0" tall to have a 0.5 - 1 inch penis. Picture this for one moment if you could? You just finished watching me dominate the basketball court and dunk like Lebron James and now we are all in the gym shower. One look at me with my condition and most guys fight back the laughter in fear of me kick’in their ***. I still get a little respect due to my overall size, but I am sure these guys have a lot less respect for me after seeing me in the shower and I am sure they run home to their wifes/girlfriends to tell them about the size of my penis. To make matter worse, my normal penis size when it is in its flaccid state is only 2.5 - 3 inch and about 6 – 6.5 inches when fully erect, but know body gets to sees this. This is what I live with and have been living with for years now. I am happy with my erect size, but not my flaccid size. I try not to let it bother me.

You are a grower not a shower. It is embarrassing to be this kind of man.

one of my moms frnd,he is looking normaly,nt looking good bt one day he having sex wid mom,that time i saw his penis,his penis size was 7 to 8 inchs n big n round,mom easily get inside his penis n enjoying,

I am a big hairy muscular guy with a tiny ****....3 in erect. It quit growing when i was around 11

i too have been embarrassed in locker rooms at school and at the ymca too.just yesterday i was at the ymca and i was chaging into my swim trunks i was in the family locker room .i took my clothes off i then looked threw my backpack for my trunks as i stood there completely naked i noticed a mom in her early 30's grinning as she looked at me.a young girl about 12 was with her and a lil boy about 4ish i guess.well i put my trunks on then went swimming like a hour or so later i went back to the locker room i didnt see anyone in it .i went straight to the shower room i ******** and showered then i walked naked back to the lockers .i turned the corner and walked right into the mom withn the daughter and lil boy i fell flat on my back ..i heard the girl say mo its the boy with the tiny penis they both laughed the mom said im sorry its just my daughtert saw you naked earlier and ask if all boys are thar small

I guess you're right that we are a minority of big guys but have small d*cks. I wonder how much size matters and how disappointed my gf is for putting up with my tiny size? Do you think she will cheat an go for a large d*ck? If so, I wonder if she will leave me or just make me watch them an humiliate me?

Sadly mwranch i think you, andydu and littlebigman and I are in the minority. Most big guys are well hung, which is why other people expect us to be well endowed as big men too. However, it is doubly humiliating and shameful for us to be sporting such tiny peckers. The least we can do is try to get a rush out of the constant embarrassment. embrace your inadequacy. likewise, i think we should treat all real men with the upmost respect and deference. i call all men Sir, i give cabbies and delivery men huge tips, things like that.<br />
Cordett, regarding sitting when you pee- good idea. Some of my friends used to bust my balls and say I was banned from the urinal b/c I was too short to reach it and would force me into a stall to pee. they may have been on to something. It is quite embarrassing have to whip it out while standing alongside real men, seeing their big hogs in my peripheral vision.

Same deal with me. I'm over 6 ft tall an about 200 lbs but when my pants are down I'm on the small side. Even my gf thinks I'm small an has told her friends about my small ****. Do all large fr<x>amed guys sport a small **** or am I one of the few??

I am jealous of those males that can stand eight or twelve inches back from the urinal, require an entire fist to hold on and never dribble down their pants when they put their penis back.<br />
<br />
I have to seach for my penis, yank it and hope I actually got it outside my pants. Usually the head just barely gets past the zipper. Unfortunately, It is usually pulled so hard to get it out side my pants that<br />
not all of the pee is expelled until I put my penis back in my pants. Of course, depending upon the type of underwear, I either end up with a wet spot on the front of my pants or I get a spurt of pee down my leg. If it's not a filty public toilet, it's always better to sit and pee. Obviously, size does matter.

I hear you! I'm 6' tall and 220lbs and really do suffer some serious shrinkage. I hate meeting my workmates in the gym, especially one guy who's a 5'8" skinny kickboxer. His 5" limp **** is bigger than my erection too, but in a curious way, I get a real kick out of seeing his tool swing around in the gym and fantasize about my girlfriend sucking him off...

I don't ever recall not feeling humiliated in the public shower or change room since high school to the present - mine is short and skinny - if i were to hop in a time machine and go back to the changeroom and showers in my old high school the 13 year olds who put me to shame then would still put me to shame - as for the arena in all its venues I occassionally see ones about as short as mine but none as tiny - they at least have some girth - but mostly i am dwarfed in all stats down there - like yourself i am a relatively big man- tall and reasonably muscular with size 13 feet (which incidently seems to be another misguided sign of endowment) I too have suffered the peacock-strut of the better hung especially from those who are otherwise less attractive - short, pudgy, balding, butt ugly etc etc it is there joyful compensation to dwarf others in the appendage department - I always suspect those ugly guys with beautiful girls on their arms (excepting but not discounting the obviously rich ones) must have a nice big swinging **** between their legs - and i don't know if you have noticed but short guys quite commonly seem to be well hung - I am generally bold and confident in most things i do and act more the Alpha male around my peers until the naked truth is out and i become considerably more sheepish as they are opposingly more emboldened - it is like suddenly without a word i am their *****