Just Sniffed Mother In Law Panties

Hi, my mother in law hasn't had sex 4 over 10 years and I can't help but think she is gagging 4 it and the thought of it makes me very horny. I went to her house today and her knickers were just thrown on the floor but landed on the bathroom door and I spotted them. I could not resist sniffing them and Woow one of the horniest I have ever bin. They smelled very sexy and I could just imagine my big **** in her ***** as I sniffed them. I want to do her soo bad and I think she wants it as well but I can't be obviously make a move becoz of obvious reasons. She is always play hitting me and play shaking me and I can't help to think that is her sexual furastration. What do u think?
Jimmy007no1 Jimmy007no1
2 Responses May 18, 2012

well u should go and sniff her panties in front of her and see what she does from there.

Try patting or squeezing her buttocks playfully when she is play hitting or shaking you. My MIL would let me squeeze her *** n feel up her ****, during her extended stay with us. I asked my wife first if it was ok for me to tease her mother and she said as long as I don't **** her she didn't mind. She said her mom is a ***** and would probably like it. Her mom was very nice to me and would always let me squeeze her *** and feel a *** when I would hug n kiss her. It even progressed to the point that when she was bending over looking in the refrigerator or looking in the oven I could get on my knees behind her grab both her *** cheeks in my hands and rub my face in the crack of her *** and tell her yum yum while I would smell and kiss her *** through her skirt. when I was done I would get up from my knees so I could kiss her ear lobe and tell her thank you. It was hot to hear her tell me your welcome after about the tenth time she started telling me thank you instead of your welcome. It was so hot having her stay with us. She also must of known I enjoyed sniffing her panties because after she would take a shower she would leave her dirty clothe on top of washer and go onto patio to have a cigarette. the washer could be seen from where she would sit on the patio. I would stop at the washer right after she put her pantie on washer so I could pick them up to my nose so she could see me. Then I would smile at her and say yum yum as I walked by her on my way to garage to jack off with her panties...she would smile and laugh repeating yum yum. I miss being able my ***** as my wife used to call her. Good luck anything is possible if you try.

P.S. Mil even caught me jacking off a few times.