Used Panties

i like smelling my mother-in-laws used panties she is 50yrs old and so fine. It started when i was alone in her home i went into her room to the closet saw her silky panties in her hamper. I started to sniffing and licking them it smelled and tasted so good i got hard as a rock. I stroke myself while thinking about her till i busted a nut.

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My late mother-laws panties were absolutely minging!! They were huge,thick Aertex tents! The gussets were stained a horrid brown/yellow colour and the body part was an awful grey colour. The smell was realy appalling. The only good thing about her was she still wore Playtex open bottom girdles right up until she died. Even they were yuckie with a brown skid-mark inside the back edge where she'd used the toilet and was too lazy to hold her girdle up at the back. What an old bag she ended up being!!

My mother in law knows about my panty fetish. We lived with my in laws for six months when moving from our apt to our first home. She wears nothing but control briefs, so her scent is deep in the cotton crotch. <br />
<br />
When i ********** and leave a load they stain well. Kind of like marking my territory. <br />
<br />
Can't wait until the holidays, she will catch me stealing a pair this year.

I´m married nowadays.My ex mother in law was so juicy!When I broke with my ex girlfriend she was 54.Nowadays she is 61 yo.I always got in the bathroom after her shower, cause I knew I would find dirty panties of her inside the hamper.Sometimes I had a surprise.No panties!She took her shower and wore the dirty panties again!For me it was marvelous, cause I knew in the other day the crotch would be covered with a crust of dried urine mixed with her **** juices..I did that during about 9 years.My current mother in law is 46 yo.She isn´t too dirty as my ex MIL(unfortunatelly)but her **** scent make me *** even if I don´t **** me off!I do that with my step-grandma dirty panties too.She is 85 yo and a dirty vagina..but tasteful one.Sometimes I *** inside her diapers,cause she has incotinence

i love to snif my mother inlaws **** covers i steal a pair when i vist her and i have a giant load bulit up as i start smelling and licking them its great

Yeah, I think my mom in law knows what I am doing as well. As a matter of fact I think she wants to do more but I am afraid to make the first move as it might back fire on me. All she has to do is make the first move and I am all over her. I used to look in her hamper and there would be a couple of pair of panties turned inside out laying over the side of the hamper as if she was making it easy for me to get to. My mom in law is so mmmmmmmmmmmmm as well, very sweet. I just wished she got more wet but hey, I will take what I can get. She does leave pee stains which is nice. Tell me about your mom in law, how long have you been doing this, what prompted you to do it the first time.

i know it's a bad thing but she's so mmmmmmmmm know what im saying and i think se kinda knows what im doing

I enjoy the same thing, it all started when I went into my mother in laws bedroom while she was reading a book in bed, I could see right up her gown to her panties. I was so turned on by this that I started smelling her panties just so I could smell her vagina. I do it anytime I get the chance, which unfortunatley is not often enough. She is very attractive and smells and taste wonderful.