My Secret Fantasy

My cousin has a HUGE *** and a little waist and one day she came over to my aunts house and it was just the two of us while my auntie left l.. she was 18 I was 15.. she told me she was going out so I didnt really care she hopped in the shower to get ready... while she was showering I got curios and went in her room she had these pink pantys hidden in the corner of her closet very quietly I grabbed them and I looked at them as to why she would have them there to my suprise there was a huge shart stain. And when I heard the shower stop I put my ear to the door and I could hear her groan.. I thought she was playing with herself so I sat back on the couchand waited she got out of the bathroom I ppretended I had to take a **** so I went in and she had farted up a storm it smelt like legit *** and rotten eggs.. I came back out and I was like jesus christ did u die in there or? Amd she started laughing.. she goes this is how you Fart l.. she bent down bare *** naked and ripped a guy fart for like 20 seconds!!! I go holy ****. Then she left I slipt on her pink panties that had the shart stsin and began ro **** in them l... I had a great expire nice
Yaboi23 Yaboi23
Jan 21, 2013