Only For Legal Stuff Though

I've smoked it a few times but only with flavoured tobacco, nothing illegal in :-) It just tastes nice and smells nicer than cigs. Prolly healthier too.
Gemzaayy Gemzaayy
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1 Response Feb 22, 2012

It aint healtyer soz but aprrently its like smoking 20 **** at once for the tar content i didnt know that till last year and i have somked alot of it

Oh no is it? I thought the water was filtering that out :-( Not fair lol.
that's like a day's worth of f-ags for me in one session. :-(

I know innit i thought that as well but its the water that makes the smoke smoother and it dont realli filter out da bad ****, but **** it you onli live once as I say so smoke away :D

Yeah that's how i live :-) I only smoke it now and then so it would be the cigs that get me not that! Anyway it's too good to never have again lol

I agree but i like puttin a bit of MJ in it as well

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