Its In My Veins!!!

Smoking shisha is in my blood   lol, being arabic its just part of the culture and I grew up with my older brother and cousins smoking and when I was 16 I started smoking shisha regularly.  Its the single most relaxing thing and when mixed with good friends, good beer and some rockin tunes, it has the power to turn a ****** day into a great one.  I remember days when I honestly sat on my porch with a few close friends and smoked for close to 8 hours straight, only stopping to change the head.  lol    Ive tried many, many different brands and flavors of tobacco and my favorite brand is Al Fakher, its a premium quality tobacco with great flavors, it produces a thick smoke and is perfectly moist which is important cuz some brands are just too dry and that leads to it burning too quick.  My favorite flavor is lemon-mint, it is a great flavor that starts off with a clean, smooth lemon, citrus flavor and finishes with a beautiful fresh mint tone that leaves the back of your throat feeling like you just sniffed some Vicks vapor rub, its a great flavor and I strongly recommend it, as long as its by Al Fakher   : D  Lol



Nauraushaun Nauraushaun
22-25, M
1 Response Feb 16, 2010

i do smoke shisha but i dont take any cigar or cigarettes .