Late, Late Bloomer...

I feel odd writing this.  I'm a late comer to smoking.  While I tried it in my youth, I never got beyond a few puffs and throwing the pack away.  I was the good kid in the family.  Always worried about what others would think, what my parents would say.  I had to walk the correct path.

Now I don't care.  I want to try everything I surpressed in my life.  Smoking is one of those.  I always thought women who smoked were sexy.  Why can't I be sexy, too?

I've been smoking irregularly now for a few weeks.  And, I enjoy it.  The taste, the lingering smell, the relaxation, the feel.  I like smoking.  I've tried Marlboro 100's, gold and red.  I'm thinking of trying other brands, too, to find out which I like best.  I bought a holder, a very sexy experience! 

I don't think I can smoke more than a few times a day.  I still have that linkering "be the good girl" syndrome.  But I thoroughly enjoy smoking when I can.
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liza, so glad you finally are able ot enjoy things you have suppressed, in the past. While had a few friends that smoke with a holder, which I agree is very sex itself, I enjoy watching woemn smoke Virginia slims and other 120 cigarettes.

I'm glad you've embraced smoking. It really is worth it and having the "guilty pleasure" makes it all the better. If it's making you happy, it's worth it.

Why not try electronic cigarettes. I like to say they give 85% of the smoking experience. Without the mess and without the cancer causing chemicals. You can even get them in zero nicotine.<br />
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There are many good brands, but stay away from the ones at the mall (overpriced) or the ones with a "free trial" offer (usually scams).

I enjoy smoking and if you do then you should do what pleases you. I would encourage you to try other brands of cigarettes. I've done this by swapping cigarettes with others on smoke break and with others in the office. It's cheaper than buying an entire pack, especially if you find that you don't particularly care for a certain brand.<br />
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I particularly like some of the women's brands, I started on women's cigarettes because mom and my aunt smoked them and they were readily available. i stayed with them because they are so good. I enjoy Eve 120s and Virginia Slims 120 luxury lights. Both give you a nice buzz.

Liz:<br />
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Seriously, do not worry about it. You made the decision, and go with it. Smoking is something that does become a habit, but a very enjoyable one. I have been smoking for 30 years, but I still enjoy it and do not regret it. Enjoy it, and welcome.

Thanks, Jessica! Yes, I do enjoy it. And, I'm still experimenting. Virginia Slims 120s are nice!

There is no doubt in my mind that the sight of a woman smoking is sexy. It is a luxurious indulgence that comes with some risk but I've always thought it worth it. Love to see a picture of you smoking!

Thank you, ronavie. Yes, on my rational side, I know smoking is folly. On the other hand, my I want to be happy, too. That is a hard concept for me to accept for myself.

If you are enjoying it and it make you happy. Then go for it. You have to live your life for you, not for anyone else. ron

Yea, could be. But, you know, I love the buzz. I love the feeling of being a bad girl. Screw it!

iam the same 37 just started love it now

You will be sorry, trust me!