I Like Smoking...

I know the health risks, I know its bad for me, I KNOW all that crap! But I like smoking. I won't quit right now because I don't want too! I don't care what it does to my lungs and health right now. Don't know why thats so hard for people to understand. Why non smokers think reminding smokers of the health issues will make them stop. I guess they think we're stupid. Nope. Just don't care.

I might quit someday, but right now I'm happy with my smokes.
silverlining silverlining
22-25, F
6 Responses Jun 25, 2007

Always interesting to see girls so young smoking so much. There's so much knowledge of how bad smoking is and blah blah, and here's all these pretty girls willfully and happily sucking all those horrible chemicals into their bodies and not giving a flip about it. Nice!!

Silver. Thanks for sharing. I fully agree it is totally your choice to smoke and others need to mind thier own business

When I was 15, I wanted to smoke a cigarette. after my 1st puff, I coughed and couldn't take another. It felt horrible. Is smoking changing who your friends are. Is a cigarette your friend, a take it or leave it thing. Has smoking changed who you are. Friends and Comments Welcome. I am open-minded.

I thought that, I have quit for a week and am staying quit, I have far too much spare time now.

Oh by the way HAHAHAAHHA Your justification is horrible

WElll have fun dying a slow death of pain because of your slowly tar filling and blackening lungs :) hahahaha i **** on your choices