Agent Orange

I know that it's not very popular to say it, but I love to smoke.

I'm into smoking since my teenage years.  At the start it was awful and I hardly understood why people enjoyed it.  Same for beer.  Soon enough I was dedicated to both.

I stopped smoking for seven years.  That was not really hard, though I always inhaled.  Then I picked it up again, motivated by solidarity with the pretty girls at the office, all of them generous nicotinists. 

When the smoking bans came, I suspected it to herald an even more pitiless intolerance.  My suspicion proved to be right when I compared modern bans with those existing during the Third Reich. 

Even the father of 'our' civilized ban, Richard Doll, thought passive smoking was nonsense, but I didn't know  he was paid by Monsanto during the eighties to testify before an Australian official commission that Agent Orange is innocent until the story was published in the British Guardian.  Papers in his heritage proved it...


I also smoke because I don't accept dubious rules.

I pity those elderly people, driven to smoking by big business, that are prohibited to smoke in homes.  It's cruel to see them in the cold.

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A "nicotinist", never heard that one. Guess it is better than a "nicotine fiend"!

well, I think it is less agressive

LOL!'re a good friend then. ;)

don't want to help you, Sylph...

This doesn't really help me................I'm trying to quit..........and failing miserably. :(

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Ok....You like what you like.....