Snail Mail Letters Are The Best

Many people today hardly ever write.  They are more on the internet  getting and sending e-mails and e-letters  Nothing is wrong with that mind you, to each his or her own. But letter writing is becoming a thing of the past.  People are always very surprised went I tell them I have between 65-70 pen-pals and that I hand write all my letters.    It is so great when I   received a letter from a friend,  with the internet you cannot send anything that they may collect, or send them a gift or even a real photo.  The  internet has some advantages, but it can and never will be more rewarding, than seeing and getting a snail mail letter from a friend.
brownchoclate brownchoclate
3 Responses Dec 14, 2011

For extra fun, my friends and I use old paper and sealing wax, and fold the letters à la Regency.

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